Rest(less) Day.

It’s rest day! My last day of absolutely zero exercise was in July so I think I should probably take a well-deserved day off before I hit the new year running. I can still put on spandex and read Runner’s World and watch running videos on a rest day, right?

I am not one for major resolutions when it comes to New Years. I love goals and challenges and schedules. “To resolve” means to find a solution to a problem… I kind of really like love my life and it doesn’t really need to be resolved! Even without New Years resolutions, I still love the fresh start that comes with beginning a new calendar year. There is something so promising about January 1st. I can’t wait to tackle 2014, set goals, exceed even my own expectations, and learn even more about myself in the process. 

This year I ran three official half marathons. I ran them all in 1:37:XX. Consistency is apparently my forte. In February I had been training my butt off for months and was just hoping for a sub-2 half marathon. I felt fabulous when I started the race and decided to run with this girl I met at the start. I asked her a couple miles in if she had a goal time and she said “Sub-1:40.” Um, what? How was I going to run THAT pace the whole time? I just tried my best, pushed my legs, and ended up running 1:37:36. (The girl I was running with slowed down and I just kept going and she came in five minutes after me.)

I didn’t sign up for another race until the summer, and I spent two months training for the Edmonton half marathon. My aunt and cousin came for the event and it was so fun to have a bunch of people doing it! I had a lot of cramping during this race but overall it was a great experience and I love the course for this race! I ran 1:37:44 and because the Hypothermic Half Marathon course in February was shorter than 13.1, Edmonton was actually the fastest I had ever run. 

I immediately signed up for the St. Albert Fall Challenge Half Marathon after the Edmonton race and planned to “just run” the event, no time goal, no racing… just run. I ran… not really as “easy-paced” as I had intended… and ended up with a similar time to the other two races. I really enjoyed this race because it was pretty much in my backyard on the trails that I ran almost every day in the summer! Even though it was a double-loop course, I really had a great run and finished in 1:37:55. 

There are very few fall and winter races in Alberta so I haven’t run any official races since September. I did however run a treadmill half marathon for fun. Many people think I have a “sick” idea of what “fun” means 😉 I am already excited for my 2014 races, as I have already registered for the 2014 Hypothermic Half Marathon and the 2014 Calgary MARATHON. Yes, this year I am tackling the challenge of running my first marathon. Training starts in February and I am thrilled! 

Another pretty wonderful thing that happened in 2013? I started this blog! It was August and I was training for the Edmonton Half, doing a bit of cycling and spinning, discovering what it meant to listen to my body, and I decided I wanted to document my fitness adventures for the world (more accurately, my mom who religiously awaits my daily posts) to follow. I love hearing that people read the blog, have been inspired, or get a good giggle out of some of the things I say 🙂 

I wish everyone the safest and happiest New Years. Get ready to demolish some goals, kick some butt, and challenge yourself. See you all in 2014!