Reverse triathlon workout.

Why take more than one day to try out the workout stuff you got for Christmas? I prefer to test out everything in one day and do some running, biking, and swimming… all in the same day. A typical triathlon begins with the swim, then moves to the bike, and finally the run but I did it in reverse… and about 0.00000032% of an actual triathlon distance. 

I began on the treadmill with 2.0 really easy miles. I was wearing my least-broken-in shoes and didn’t want to do too much, too fast with them, so they were perfect for the first leg of my tri. I stuck with about 9:07 min/mile and my legs thanked me for that. 

After my little run I hit up the spin bikes. I have missed spinning. I picked a playlist on my phone, pressed “shuffle,” and sweat it up for an hour. The good thing about “shuffling” your songs? You never know what is coming next so it makes the workout more interesting. The bad thing about throwing some shuffle into your workout? Sometimes three sprint songs play in a row and then three hill songs… ouch.

An hour of spinning and I felt surprisingly good on the bike. I haven’t cycled in a while so I was curious as to how much I would be able to push myself, or if I would have to reduce my gears. My legs felt uber strong and I even bumped up my typical sprinting gear. Woo!

It was either really hot upstairs where the spin bikes are, or I was just really givin’ ‘er on the bike. There were a few sweat puddles. Gross.

The last piece of my workout was a swim. I dawned my fabulous swim cap, put my new swimming headphones in, slapped my goggles on, and jumped in the pool to swim 1000 m. The first half of my swim was spent trying to keep the headphones in my ears, so that was kind of annoying. The second half however; went by super fast. Yes Beyonce, girls do run the world. 

I left the pool feeling accomplished, pruney, goggle-eyed, and tired. That workout was fun because I never had the chance to get bored! Maybe triathlons will be my new thing. Except they are long… and you have to run right after you bike… and you usually swim in a lake… never mind, I’ll stick to little fake triathlon workouts and running events! 

I enjoyed coming home with multiple fitness centre bracelets. 

Oh, and swim caps are pretty much the greatest invention in the entire world. I didn’t have to use half a bottle of conditioner and an hour of time combing through my hair to get rid of the knots and tangles. My hair was practically still dry! The swim headphones might take some getting used to but they definitely made the laps fly by, once they were adjusted. 2.0 mile run, 60 minute cycle, and 1.0 km swim – done!