Spinning Favourites.

Today was the last day of my Tuesday spin class. I still have one left for the year on Thursday, but it is with a different spin instructor, so I get to have two “fun” last classes this week. My Tuesday spin instructor lets the class dictate what drills we will do for the last class. Each participant gets to pick their favourite drill (or song) to finish off the year with. I thought I would share my favourite spin songs and drills with YOU too! You’re welcome.

I was going to choose the “Pyramid Sprint” as my favourite drill but someone before me chose it. How dare they. Didn’t that person know that I had been thinking about suggesting that drill for the ENTIRE 8 minute drive to the gym? 

Pyramid Sprint: Seated
60 second sprint
15 second recovery
45 second sprint
15 second recovery
30 second sprint
15 second recovery
15 second sprint
15 second recovery

I ended up choosing the drill I hate the most and love the most. It is one of the hardest drills and really challenges me, but for those reasons I equally love it. It really makes me sweat. It is the “Hard and Hard-ER Hill” drill, a simulation of climbing steep hills as fast as you can while seated. Ouch. 

Alternate (~30 seconds) between:
Hard Seated Hill Climb: 70% of max at 90rpm
Hard-ER Seated Hill Climb: 85% of max at 80rpm

This drill was taught to me using specific gears (gears 13-15 for the hard hill and >16 for the harder hill) but I learned in my spin instructor course not to teach using gears because everyone has a different ability and focusing on rpm and RPE or maximum exertion is more effective. The instructor course also taught me that a spin bike is for just that… spin… not weights or pushups or abs. I didn’t even know stuff like that was possible. That is just plain ridiculous.

A few of my other favourite drills are:

  • Tabata Sprint (20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF, repeat)
  • Hill Repeats (Flat road, HILL CLIMB, repeat)
  • Long hard hill climbs (do I really need to explain that?)
I love spin class, and really enjoyed learning how to teach it in my instructor course. It definitely made me a better spin student too! I have been learning the importance of music in any exercise class so I thought I would share my favourite spin songs as well. 

I tried out my new shoes this morning in spin class. They are Brooks PureCadence, the original version. I have the Brooks PureCandence2s and I definitely notice the improvements they have made to the original version. The original ones are a little heavier and not as flexible, but they are still wonderful like their new and improved sibling, the PureCadence2s. 

I am 113% certain that having bright shoes makes you have a better workout. I swear the neon pink helped me bust out the power climbs today in spin class. You should definitely take this as fact because apparently I know a little bit about exercise, as least exercise theory.

I will be really sad when my Thursday spin class is over. It will be three weeks until the new session starts. My butt is happy about that but I certainly am not… looks like I’ll just have to go to as many drop-in classes as I can and then convince my mom that we should be super cool and go do our own spin class at the gym. She still thinks when I suggest I teach a spin class to her that I am “trying to kill her.” This couldn’t be further from the truth because THEN who would come to my spin classes 😉