Spinning Finale.

Last night, once everyone had arrived home, Stuart opened his birthday gifts. Apparently during the day my mom took him gambling and to buy liquor because he is officially legal. Parenting 101 – immediately try to turn your child into an alcoholic and gambling addict when they turn 18 so that you have a drinking buddy. 

This is definitely the look of someone getting money in their birthday card.

Every year since we were little my grandma has sent a little present for everyone else in the family when it was one person’s birthday. I probably started getting really jealous of the attention my brother got on his birthday and wanted something of my own to open… hence the tradition began. I still get jealous… thus the tradition continues 😉

I had plenty o’ studying to do last night so while my parents took my brother out to the bar I stayed home and cranked the country music and danced studied. I also made myself a fabulous tortilla pizza with chicken, red pepper, mushrooms, and green onions for dinner. Green onions are my new favourite ingredient.

Once the family returned home, it was time for cake… or some form of dessert. Stuart chose pavlova for his birthday dessert, which is made of a chocolate meringue topped with whipped cream and chocolate and peppermint shavings, making candles a little tricky. Tealights to the rescue.

I think the time when everyone is singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you is the most awkward thing ever. Where are you suppose to look? What are you suppose to do? My brother somehow pulled it off flawlessly, so maybe I’m just a really awkward person. Scratch the ‘maybe’ part of that.

He loved his dessert and I am pretty sure there was no trace of it left in the fridge this morning. Apparently it was delicious, but I decided to indulge in some of the dark chocolate from my advent calendar instead and it was equally delicious!

Today was the finale of my spin classes for this year and the new winter sessions don’t start until the first week of January. We had a killer class, just like Tuesday and I will definitely be sore tomorrow. I hit the treadmill after class for a few miles and could barely even jog. I did 4.0 miles at a really easy pace and then just over half an hour of legs. My quads took a beating today, but it felt awesome to give my legs such a good workout. 

I don’t think I’ve left the spin bike for good this year, I hope to try out some playlists and practice some drills this Christmas season 🙂

After today’s spin class I am seriously questioning my decision to sign up for “Advanced Spin” in January… yikes!