Stealing the Shuffle.

I had a fabulous workout at the gym this morning. My body is too used to waking up early and I was on the treadmill by 6:43 am even though I had no plans for the day or anywhere to be. I took my mom’s iPod shuffle to the gym this morning because of the unfortunate loss of my own iPod. All of my favourite workout songs are on her Shuffle so it kind of worked. I have yet to figure out how to change playlists, hear the name of the playlist, or put the songs on shuffle. How can such a small piece of technology be so complicated?

I spend another fun time sitting on the wall. 

I find that my wall-sits are easier AFTER I run. I don’t know how that makes sense but it does. When my legs are warm after a decent run, it feels easier to wall squat for a while. I like having my phone with me when I wall-sit because I can time it easily AND catch up on Twitter and Facebook, which makes the time go by really fast. By the time I was done catching up on the latest tweets, I had already done five minutes of my squat!

I ran 7.0 miles today, and my fastest mile was the last one at 8:00… but it felt like I was running twice that fast. Yesterday I swore I could have run sub-8 for easily another few miles, and today I almost fell off the treadmill at an 8:20 min/mile pace. Strange. Overall, about an 8:29 min/mile pace because I did the first half kind of slow-ish.

Arms, arms, arms… then 10 minutes of stair master to finish off the workout. I had sufficiently worked my butt off (and was crazy hungry) so I was more than ready to leave the gym and get home to some delicious breakfast.

Extra crispy turkey is the way to go.

I painted my nails last night. Gold and black. I thought it was chic and cool… my dad thought it was a little too dark and depressing for the Christmas season.

I was probably feeling pretty depressed after bawling my eyes out watching Jack Frost. I love that movie and it is the ONE movie I have to watch every Christmas season. No matter what.

Love it. I am SO excited for Christmas – only TWO sleeps! I am taking full advantage of my few days off now for multiple Christmas movies, awesome workouts, and drinking plenty of tea with biscotti by the fireplace. ‘Tis the season!