Studying like a boss.

I have another glorious day of studying for finals on my hands today, but I’m not too upset about it. I get to hibernate indoors, wear comfy clothes, and finally crack open the textbooks I paid good money for… just kidding… sort of.

I started my day with an extremely difficult, yet wonderful, spin class. Even though I don’t have academic classes today – I still had spin class to attend! The concept of this morning’s spin class was sprint your heart out, then climb a huge, steep, and long hill, then repeat with no breaks, until you fall off your bike or the class ends. I still had a few ounces of energy left after class, so I ran 5.0 miles on the treadmill. I ran them fairly slow (8:38 min/mile) and then walked for ten minutes as a cool-down.

A full day of studying required brain food. 

It also required a plan. Yes, I schedule my studying… but if you had four exams in four days you would too. Yes, I scheduled my massage appointment in before my studying… priorities. 

I try to pretend like I am dressing in spandex and pajama pants because ‘it’s exam week and all’ and that’s what everyone does, but really, I wear hoodies and spandex about 97% of the time. I also don’t remember the last time I straightened or curled or did anything with my hair. How am I still single?

Steps to studying success:

1. Act really stressed out around your mom and she will feel bad for you and deliver Starbucks.

2. Find a study buddy. 

I am blogging, he is writing a Christmas list… maybe we aren’t really achieving studying success after all. For some real, scientific, and factual study tips, this is a great website… my favourite? 

Exercise really does help your mental and academic performance!


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