Sweat freezes.

I was a little sore this morning. I couldn’t figure out why I was so sore as I hopped rolled fell out of bed this morning, but quickly remembered that yesterday was leg day. It was a good thing I had to go to work before the gym today because it gave my legs a chance to move and stretch out before I exercised. Originally my plan was to do about an hour of running and then an hour of spin. Plans change.

Though it was kind of pretty out today, it was still chilly, so I stuck to the treadmill. 

I did a slow 5.0 mile run at the gym (8:57 min/mile pace). I did 15 minutes of the stair master… because my legs couldn’t possibly get any more sore right? I did some abs, and then quit because this dude was doing wicked yoga moves beside me and standing on his head and such, and I was jealous, so I left. I went back to the stair master for another 15 minutes of burn and then left the gym all sweaty. My sweat froze. 

I arrived home to one of the most beautiful sights of the Christmas season. A CHRISTMAS TREE! At least I think that’s what it is.

I vote we keep it tied up like this. So classy.

My advent calendar just keeps getting better and better. Starbucks and subway… pretty much where the majority of the money I spend goes. Yum!

Once I showered off all of the frozen sweat I still had a bit of a chill. Nothing that a cup of decaf coffee and the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory couldn’t fix. 

I have a few days off now for studying and exams. I got excited about not going to work for a few days and celebrated by painting my nails. No nail polish allowed at work = painting my nails as soon I have a decent amount of time off. It’s the little things. 

I intended to do some crazy cardio session today with a bit of spin and maybe some interval running. My legs were definitely happy that I chose to change my plans. I am proud of myself for listening to my body and just doing some “lighter” cardio to stretch out and loosen up my muscles. I even stretched a little bit after my shortened cardio workout… yes, you read that right… STRETCHED. Apparently it’s good for you to do that every now and again.