The Long Run(s).

Two long runs happened today. First, I ran twelve miles on the treadmill this afternoon. Second, I finished a book about a NY firefighter, marathoner, and Ironman who was hit by a bus biking to work and almost died, then went through over 40 surgeries and months of rehab to once again run a marathon. Both of these long runs are equally inspiring. 

Not. at. all.

This book was incredible. I am hooked on reading about runners and running… hence the posts about Born to RunMy Life on the Run, and Marathon Woman. This book, called “The Long Run” is the story of a FDNY marathoner who was biking to work one day during the New York City transportation strike and was hit by a bus, which shattered his body and when he arrived at the hospital the surgeons gave him a 5% chance of survival. The incredibly honest and inspiring story about Matt Long, his tragic accident, and his journey to recovery, eventually leading up to him running the NYC marathon just three years later, definitely had me in awe and sometimes crying. Yes, grab the Kleenex with this read.

It is one of those stories that tells you everything you would ask if you actually met this crazy awesome guy. He talks about his family, his thoughts about his colostomy bag, owning various bars in NYC, his doctors, and how he managed to just. keep. going. Not matter what, he was determined to run again.

When Matt Long was initially brought to the hospital from the scene of the accident, he went through 69 pints of blood due to the severity of his injuries and how incredibly damaged his body was. He talked about the 69 people that walked into a blood clinic and selflessly donated blood, which ended up saving his life. It reminded me how important it was to hit up the blood clinic – I’ve booked an appointment!

Grab the box of tissue, and then your running shoes, because this book will make you cry and inspire you to run. That is exactly what I did this afternoon at the gym. 12.0 miles and although it took me about seven miles to get in the running zone, it was a FABULOUS run – I felt GREAT (capital letters hopefully let you know that I am serious about how awesome it was)! 

Warm-up mile @ 8:34
10.0 miles @ 7:57 min/mile
Cool-down mile @ 8:34 

The only problem during this run was the static occurring on CBC… so I couldn’t watch hockey. Canadian girl problems, eh? TSN Sportscentre to the rescue. Once I showered the massive amounts of salt and sweat off of my body, I put on my new favourite sweater. U of A… represent.

I plan to spend 98.2% of my non-working waking hours in this hoodie this holiday season. So warm. So cozy. Time to find another book to read. Now that I have tons of free time without school, I have plenty of time to read and run – the perfect combination!