25 Years… 20 of which were the best.

I can’t say no to a workout with someone awesome. 

Exhibit A: Yesterday I told you about how Bart Yasso tried to kill me with a wicked interval run on the treadmill. That was 5:30 am and afterwards I worked for 8 hours and came home to my brother telling me he was possibly going to the drop-in spin class at 6 pm. Ummm… SPIN?! WITH STUART?! YES! We ate a fairly light dinner then hit the gym for an hour of spin. Our fairly light dinner consisted of pancakes… protein pancakes to be specific. I topped mine with sliced bananas, melted blueberries, and peanut butter.

It was delicious and just the energy I needed for my second workout of the day! I then proceeded to head to spin class with a purple tongue. Lovely.

It was a full-drop in class so it was a good thing we got there a bit early to get side-by-side bikes! My brother has become a spin expert now and just set up his bike right away, perfectly, without my assistance – awesome!

I was so happy we were taking spin class together, and he was obviously equally as happy. I in no way told him to sit on his bike and smile for the camera… never.

We worked up quite a sweat and I was glad to have my yoga/stretching class right after so I could stretch out my muscles and foam roll my calves, hamstrings, and IT band like crazy! Man, are my muscles tight! Solid three and a half hours spent at the gym today… holy!

25 years ago today, this crazy couple got married. 

Today is my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary! They are basically the best parents ever. The strength and love in their relationship is something I wish every day that I will have with someone when I get married. They have been such inspiring role models in both my life and my brother’s life and we cannot put into words how much they mean to us. I have to say, though I may be a bit bias, the last twenty years of their marriage… you know, after March of ’93, have probably been the best 😉

In honour of their twenty fifth wedding anniversary, my parents wanted to do a photoshoot of them wearing what they wore to get married all that time ago. My mom’s teeny tiny wedding dress IS TOO BIG on her now. You can hate her a little 😉 She is in wicked shape and pretty much one of the biggest fitness inspirations in my life.

I think they may be a little like wine… getting better with age 🙂 They kept making silly faces at each other, so out of the 5614 pictures I tried to take of them looking deep into each other’s eyes, this is one of the only ones where they are both smiling… it was super cute to take these photos. 

Speaking of wine, I think the only thing that has changed from ’89 until now is the size of my mom’s wine glass. I guess that’s what 25 years of marriage does to you.

Happy Anniversary to the best parents in the world! You guys are amazing role models and you have shown through example that marriage is all about love, trust, honesty, friendship, and a little bit of sarcasm. I love you.


  1. Happy anniversary to your parents! They are adorable 🙂 Did you do the spin class at Service? When we used to live in St. Albert, I took one and it was tough (probably because I was really out of shape then!)

    1. Yep, I go to registered and drop-in spin classes at Servus! They have some awesome instructors and yes they are pretty tough classes 🙂

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