A Spin Class of One.

I took a day off of running today, so naturally I did my next favourite thing – SPIN! I am preparing myself to do my indoor cycling teaching assessment in the coming weeks so I made a new playlist and tested it out today. I tried thinking of how I would teach the class and what I would say. A couple of times I caught myself mouthing what I would say to a class so it’s safe to say I looked like a crazy person on the bike. 

I downloaded a bunch of new songs and it is always fun to have new music to listen to. All of the songs were crazy fun to spin to! I now have playlists called SPANN, Spin it, Spin Too, Spinee, Spinners, Spinnnns, and Spinny. I think I am running out of ways to say “Spin.”

It was a solid hour of cycling and I worked up quite a sweat. I dropped my water bottle on the floor so to the people around me it probably looked like I was sweatin’ puddles! Of course, I wore my new cycling clip-less shoes and they were great! I accidentally forgot to bring workout socks and had to wear my black work ankle socks (ah, the horror!) but I didn’t get a blister or anything – phew!

I also tried out a new workout shirt today. It is from Old Navy’s active line and I figured even if it wasn’t great for actually working out it is cute to just wear as a tank, but it was surprisingly awesome for my solo spin class. 

$8. Can’t do any better than that. So I bought two, the second one in black. I think my workout clothes have officially taken over more of my closet than regular clothes. That’s ok because that is all I wear anyway 😉