An extended warm-up.

I love Tuesdays. Not because I get to spend ten hours going to school, but because it is SPIN NIGHT. I headed to the gym a little early for spin so that I could hop on the treadmill and get a few miles in before class. Think of it as an extended warm-up. 

I did an interval run tonight because I promised myself I would do at least two a week and tonight was the last night of the third week in January and I had only done one this week! I did 800m intervals, not like Yasso 800s, a little easier. 

800 m @ 8:57 min/mile.
800 m @ 8:00 min/mile.
800 m @ 8:57 min/mile.
800 m @ 7:42 min/mile.
800 m @ 8:57 min/mile.
800 m @ 7:19 min/mile.
800 m @ 8:57 min/mile.
800 m @ 6:59 min/mile.
800 m @ 8:57 min/mile. 

Total of 4.5 miles, an average of 8:20 min/mile. This run definitely got me ready for my 60 minute advanced spin class πŸ˜‰ A quick shoe change and I hit the bike for some hard core cycling. 

My mom is amazing and had a hot pot of soup on the stove for when I got home from the gym. I was more than ready for some a delicious warm meal. Hamburger soup was on the menu and it tastes much better than it looks, I promise. 

What dinner is complete without a “side salad”? I think my side salads are probably normal main courses for most people. I try and fit as many servings of fruit and vegetables as possible in my day! I also really love salad. Like, a lot.

It looks like I have some reading for tonight! My stack of textbooks and ecological literature can wait… running reading comes first, right?

It’ll probably just make me want to sign up for 132 more races though. Oh well. 

I love getting a bit of a run in before spin class. It gets my body nice and warmed up and I get to do my two favourite workouts in one night! Yes, like last time, I was on quite a high after class tonight. Each and every spin class just makes me more and more excited to teach classes!


  1. You are a rock star for doing intervals before a spin class! (advanced!!!)

    That food looks amazing! πŸ˜€

    Why do running magazines have that effect to make us sign up for races, lol?

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