Bart Yasso tried to kill me.

Last week Bart Yasso tweeted his favourite treadmill workouts. They were all interval workouts and I am always looking for new workouts to do on the treadmill! I chose his second favourite workout to do this morning and it nearly killed me. 

Yes, that says 2% incline. Otherwise known as death.

I usually put the treadmill on a 1% incline and adding just that one percent made a huge difference. The total workout is 64 minutes long and I actually put my “workout goal” on the treadmill in minutes and not miles (I am a total distance girl)… dedication. 

Bart Yasso’s 2nd Favourite Treadmill Workout

12 minute warm up (8:57 min/mile, 2% incline).

3 minutes @ 10K pace @ 2% incline.
2 minute recovery.

Repeat for 8 intervals.

12 minute cool down (8:20 min/mile, 0.5% incline).

Holy was I sweating! I was SO happy to decrease my incline when I hit the cool down, you have no idea. I used my 10K pace of 7:13 min/mile for the intervals and that pace felt so much more difficult at a 2% incline!

You are very welcome for all of the blurry treadmill pictures… I know that’s what everyone wants to see 😉 Overall, it ended up being 7.5 miles of torture/fun. I can’t wait to try his other favourite workouts, and by can’t wait, I mean when I am ready to greet death on the treadmill, I will try them. Just kidding, I think my red face and buckets of sweat mean that the workout was actually really effective and I should probably do more of them! Thanks, Bart!


  1. I think Bart was actually put on this earth to try and kill all of us runners. In person he’s a really nice guy but his workouts? Not so much! Great job for getting it done, I find speed workouts so tough on a mill. Way to go!

  2. Hah, before I read this, I totally thought you tried to do Yasso800’s on the treadmill, and was like, “Oh crap, I’ve tried that before and it really is DEATH”. Anyways I missed that tweet from my BFF Bart, so I’ll have to give that a try next time I’m on the ‘mill! Great job getting it done!


    PS – I’m coming from the Canucks group and I’m from Vancouver 🙂

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