Dean Karnazes is crazy.

I hit up the gym after work today for a decent run and some leg work. In an effort to incorporate more intervals and speed training into my runs I did 9.0 miles with some fast-er quarter miles thrown in there.

1.0 mile warm-up at 8:57 min/mile.

1200 m (0.75 mile) @ 8:27 min/mile.
400 m (0.25 mile) @ 7:04 min/mile.
Repeat for a total of 7 intervals (7.0 miles). 

1.0 mile cool-down at 8:57 min/mile. 

Luckily I caught an episode of 24CH, an insider show about the Montreal Canadiens on TSN so my run flew by. There were plenty of good looking guys wandering around the gym and looking at themselves in the mirror so I’m pretty sure I had perfect running form the entire time. I did 30 minutes of leg strength training to finish off my workout!

Though 9.0 miles is a pretty decent run for me… for Dean Karnazes it isn’t even a warm-up. Deemed the “Ultramarathon Man,” Karnazes is a highly recognized runner who is known for running hundreds of miles a week, participating in 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, running 212 miles on a treadmill in 48 hours, and doing ultra marathons in the most extreme places like Antarctica and the Gobi desert. He. is. CRAZY.

I recently (as in, last night) finished reading his book “26.2.” It is a collection of stories, well 26.2 of them, about different runs and experiences he has had. He has run in some pretty crazy places with some even crazier people. It was neat to vicariously live through him and experience insane running, you know, without actually having to do it. 

Honestly, I hated this dude at first. He was so annoying in the first few chapters and it was the first time I considered not reading the rest of a running book. He talked about trying to convince his friends to run with him or be his support crew and I really didn’t like the way he seemed to use his friends and family to pursue ridiculous runs. I thought he was selfish and I planned on disliking him the entire book… but… I came around. 

Once I got past the first few stories I realized he wasn’t all bad and I actually really enjoyed reading this book. Yes, he is insane and in no way did it inspire me to go out and run 50 miles in the middle of the night just for the fun of it, but I liked his determination and dedication to the sport that he really just did because he liked it.

I had heard a lot of his running quotes before – without actually knowing it was him who said it. A few of my favourite sayings actually come from him… who knew?

It was a pretty great book and though I don’t plan on running through the desert or downing a pizza mid-run, ‘Karno’s’ words did remind me that running just because you love to run will always result in you having “awesome runs”… not just when you hit a certain pace or sprint a certain distance. I plan on reading his other book, his first book, “Ultramarathon Man.” However; it appears I have some academic reading to get done before that happens. 

Yikes. I suppose I should stop blogging procrastinating and actually get to doing some homework. I regret every single time I said I was “bored” over the Christmas holiday break because now I won’t be saying that until May!

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