Delightful morning miles.

As planned, as soon as the sun came up, I hit the streets running to get a good, long, run in! I ran on the residential streets to get to my favourite riverside path, instead of the icy sidewalks because there is hardly any traffic on a Saturday morning. Risking getting hit by a car seemed better than risking falling and breaking my leg on the ice. I had intentions of going at least ten miles today and the gorgeous weather kept me going for more!

The paths were hardly icy at all, not like last weekend (my bruises are green and blue now so that’s fun). I did a couple of laps of the really dry path and then headed back to my neighbourhood. There were so many runners and walkers out and about and it was great to see people taking advantage of the sunshine!

I stayed out for FOURTEEN wonderful miles. As I got closer to my house I had run about twelve, and entered the mental battle of running… am I in any pain? No. Am I getting slower and really tired? No. Can I push another couple miles and make it 14? Yes. Will I? YES. 

The only problem was that the last couple of miles were uphill. As I was running my butt off up the hill, a city bus came up beside me and the driver slowed down and drove beside me up the hill. As he drove he was pumping his arms and pretending he was running… I don’t know whether he was mocking me or encouraging me? Either way, it was pretty funny!

My overall pace was 8:15 min/mile which I was pretty happy with as I had no pace goal today, just a “10+ miles long run” distance goal. My fastest mile was mile 14. I think that tells you how hungry I was by the end of my run and how stoked I was that I was so close to home! The faster you run, the faster you can get home and eat. 

Though I started out wanting to run at least ten miles, it was a good thing I made my playlist a two-hour one, because I pulled off 14.0 miles and had songs to rock me through the entire thing. 

Oatmeal with peanut butter tastes 21807501 times better after you have just been running for two hours. I had a banana before my run, as I waited for the sun to rise so I could hit the road, but nothing else because my stomach is super sensitive on the run. My mom predicted that I would end up eating 8 meals today after my run. She is most likely 100% correct.

I am icing my legs, stretching, drinking tons of water, and attempting to create a post-run recovery routine that will allow me to bounce right back from my long runs and make sure I don’t get injured. I am thinking that compression socks will become part of this routine once I buy some 😉 I know how important post-run recovery is to running and more than what we do DURING our runs, what we do IN BETWEEN our runs is what helps us become awesome and super speedy runners. 

What is your post-run routine?


  1. Glad other people had a great day to run! Sometimes, when it’s all going good, it’s easier to keep going than stop. Those are wonderful and you have to go for it. Peanut butter and oatmeal, why did I never think of that?

  2. Did you read that, Kris?? Some foam rolling and stretching!! Get at it! And enjoy a treat of some kind today after your run. And I don’t mean extra carrots!!

  3. Post long run routine – you mean after going for coffee, right? 🙂
    If I didn’t bring any water on the run, I’m careful to drink water (usually with some Skratch labs electrolyte mix) right away to stay hydrated. I find foam rolling for about 15 mins and then stretching for another 15-20 mins very helpful. After that, I pretty much eat everything in sight!

    Great run today. The conditions are certainly better than they were a week ago. Awesome work picking it up for those last few miles.

    – Shawn

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