Exercise = Confidence.

I could list a million reasons why I love exercise and still have more to say. Some days I need exercise more than others… not physically, but mentally. Working out is a major source of confidence for me. I’m not talking about body weight or BMI or how I look… I’m talking about how I feel when I exercise. Whether it’s running, spinning, or lifting weights, exercise is pretty empowering and not only gives me outer strength, but inner strength too. I was having a pretty low self-esteem day today. I mean, it was the kind of day where I showed up to the gym like this. For a type-A girl, that is just ridiculous.

I had no reason to be down on myself. I kicked butt on my fourteen mile run yesterday, I have been building some serious base mileage for when I start training for my marathon, I had an entire day off to relax and study yesterday, and I was working with some great people today… nevertheless, I was unconfident and depleted of any self esteem. 

Enter… a short but solid workout at the gym…

I didn’t even run today and I was full of confidence when I left the gym! I also had a great chat with some of the staff members who seemed super excited about the possibility of me teaching spin at the gym! I did 20 minutes of rowing, and of course got instant blisters like last time (I really don’t know how I do it), then did 45 minutes of arm strength training. It’s amazing what a little weight lifting can do to my self-esteem… even when I am grabbing practically the lightest weights possible 😉

As evident in the above picture, my bruises are healing nicely 🙂 

I don’t know how it happens, but working out is a pretty great boost of confidence. If I’m ever stressed, frustrated, or just simply having an off day (umm, today!), all it takes is one workout and I feel back to myself!

Parents normally worry about their kids getting enough vegetables when they go away… my parents worry that I will eat only vegetables when they are away. Instead of pasta tonight I had “vegetable noodles” and sliced up onion, zucchini, and carrots.

I topped my “pasta” with tomato sauce, meatballs, and mozzarella cheese. It was so good. I am not a huge pasta person because it is so dense and heavy but I am a huge fan of vegetable pasta. This meal was perfect post-workout recovery food and was chalk-full of nutrients and protein! 

Sometimes I don’t know why I am having an “off day” where I just don’t feel like myself, but I sure know how to fix it. One simple workout can take me from being sad, tired, or stressed to being confident, happy, and full of energy. I upped some of my weights today and it made me feel great knowing I could lift 1.5 lbs instead of 1 lb… or something like that 😉 I don’t know the exact chemical reactions that happen in our brains when we exercise, but I know I needed them today and I am sure thankful we have them 🙂


  1. Feel free to ignore my advice if you’re not looking for it, BUT I used to row for my college crew team so I’ve logged a lot of hours on the erg (blah). Anyway, getting blisters is totally normal and actually part of the sport. If you do it enough the blisters turn into callouses, so you’re not tearing up your hands all the time. The important part is that the callouses/blisters should be at the base of your fingers (that means you’re gripping correctly at least) if you’re getting blisters on your palms then it means you’re gripping too tightly which can mess up your lean back and arm pull and lead to injury.

    Also, we used to put tea tree oil on open blisters. It stings a bit but it dries out the skin really quickly and sanitizes it! Just a fun fact if you didn’t know!

    Keep up the awesome workouts girl, you’re crazy/awesome/fast!

    1. Thanks so much!! The blisters are right at the base of my fingers so I guess I am doing something right! I suppose that means I need to spend more time on that dang rower to build up callouses! 🙂

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