I Didn’t Get Bored on the Rower!

The stationary rower is one of my least favourite cardio workouts. There is no TV to distract me and far less hot guys where the rowers are so I can’t even watch them. I usually only go on the rower when I want to include a bit of shoulder/arm work in my cardio or when I have someone to row beside so I can talk to them and make the time go by faster… luckily, today I had Stuart! I also had one of my new favourite workout shirts that I got for Christmas! DO IT. 

I did an interval workout and incorporated the rower so that I wouldn’t get bored. It is easier to spend 20 minutes rowing when you split that up into four intervals of 5 minutes. 

Rowing Interval Workout

5:00 minutes rowing
10 pushups
45 seconds ropes
45 seconds resistance punches
10 pushups

Repeat x 3. 

I look super cool punching the air with a resistance band. Yes, I intended to match my shirt to my shoes. 

After my intervals I did 45 minutes more of weight lifting, arms and back, then 15 minutes of stairs to get a nice sweat on before I left the gym. I incorporated 1-minute planks in between most of my arm weight lifting moves so that I could get some abs done too! The time actually flew by and usually arms day is a struggle! My arms were burning when I left the gym which makes me feel tough. I won’t feel so tough when I can’t lift them tomorrow morning.

I took the day off of running today because I knew I needed to give my legs a break (before they actually did break). I have done a combined total of four hours of spin and running the past two days and I was feeling it. Yesterday, before my spin class, I did an easy 6 mile run. Apparently I can’t just run at a steady pace anymore and threw in a 7:30-minute-mile halfway through. So much for “easy” run 😉 

I have quite a collection of gym wrist bands! I am glad I found a way to not get totally bored on the rower. Stuart and I got to chat and I found yet another way to include interval training in my workout – this time with strength! 

So… how long until I can actually see some arm muscle? 🙂

Do YOU use the stationary rower? Have any great ideas that will make me love it as a form of cross training?!


  1. None of the gyms I have belonged to have had rowing machines. Isn’t that strange? I am sure it’s an awesome workout. Unless I am in a class, any other cardio besides running bores me. I definitely do other forms, but it just is not fun at all!

  2. The concept 2 rowers (which it looks like maybeee yours is) have a game function on them. You can see what games there are here: http://www.concept2.com/indoor-rowers/performance-monitors/games even if yours isn’t concept2 it still might have games. You can also usually set up a pace boat so then you race to keep up with your pace boat and you watch it on the little screen. Aside from that, I would usually blast music, erg with my friends, (take it outside if you can!), and close my eyes and pretend I was on the water. I HATE the erg (good hate but still hate).

  3. I loveee the rowing machine specially when I mix it up in a circuit like you did! I’d choose it over a treadmill any day because I’m not much of a runner :S
    Also, I almost fell off my chair when I saw ‘easy 6 miles’…I’m lucky if I can make it through the first one these days lol

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