Ice, Wind, Bruises, Blood, and… a smile?

Last night I was home alone and made pretty much the best dinner ever. BLT salad and yam fries. There was a little more than bacon (turkey), lettuce, and tomatoes on that salad but it was insanely good. Photographic evidence to show my family what they missed out on. 

I could eat yam fries all day, every day. 

Today I got to run with someone else and it was nice not to talk to myself for hours on end! I had been hoping to find a running buddy  who was faster than me so that I would have someone to push me to run faster! Be careful what you wish for! I was actually kind of nervous to run with some one who runs pretty fast (and has a sub-1:30 half marathon PR) but I think he took it easy and ran more of my pace than his! 

It was really icy for most of the run so I got to work on my stabilizer muscles! Those muscles don’t really get a workout when I run on the treadmill. I also have never had to leap over snow banks, jump over garbage, glide across icy patches, or jump from side to side to avoid running on pure ice on the treadmill either! 

I fell not once, not twice, but THREE times. Gracefully, I might add (HA). I didn’t feel any pain or anything coming out of the falls, but I may have a few bruises tomorrow. I have a bit of a lump on my arm and I don’t even remember falling on my arm?

I did feel some stinging in my hand but after twelve-ish miles I thought it was just the wind or cold or numbness setting in… but it was just a bit of blood. It’s amazing what don’t feel when we are on our “running high!” 🙂

No matter how icy or windy it was, it was sunny, blue sky, and fairly WARM! No amount of bruising or blood could keep a smile off of my face during today’s run! It was fabulous getting the chance to run with someone else too and it made the 13.1 miles feel like 3.1! Our pace was slow out of necessity and I think we got more of a workout doing this pace on ice than running faster on dry streets! Overall, our moving pace was about 8:36 min/mile.

Once I come down from the runner’s high, I may not have a smile on my face anymore, nevertheless, it was a GREAT run. Even though I spent two hours traversing over ice today, I think I’ll need to befriend the ice again and apply some to my legs this evening 😉


  1. Thanks for the run Kris, it really was great! Sorry for all of the ice though, I do feel bad about the slips and falls. Hopefully next time the conditions improve, I’m not sure we could have gone much faster if we tried.
    And, I’m sure you don’t need it but best of luck tomorrow with the certification!
    – Shawn

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