ICED Americano in January.

It’s warm here. I woke up for work at 4:45 am this morning and the Weather Network said it was NINE degrees above zero. Nine. That is just insane. Speaking of insane, I got high last night. Before you freak out, endorphins are my drug of choice and my high was from my Tuesday night advanced spin class. I was seriously riding an endorphin high for at least an hour after spin. I even walked around my house saying, “Sorry people, I’m a little high… ON THE HARD CORE DRUG CALLED EXERCISE!” I don’t know whether I’ll be allowed to go back to that class. It’s addicting.

I took 81960773 sweaty, drug-induced, selfies. I’m only posting one. You’re welcome 😉

I decided on a longish interval run today. I hated it, but I love it. I kept replaying a Jillian Michael’s quote in my head while I was running my intervals. 

Running intervals are super uncomfortable but I know they will help me get faster and stronger. I attempted to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s very much a work in progress to feel “comfortable” doing Yasso 800s. 

One mile warm up @ 8:34 min/mile.

8 Intervals:
800 m @ 3:29 (6:58 min/mile)
400 m recovery jog

Three mile cool-down @ 8:57 min/mile.

Total of 10.0 miles.

After my run I did ten minutes of abs and 15 minutes of biceps and triceps. I really want to do more strength but I somehow always end up doing about an 8:1 ratio of running to weight lifting. I guess that is why I had to ask MY MOM to open a jar of jalapeños for me yesterday! 

Despite the insane winds today, it was a gorgeous day and I am quite in love with Alberta winter blue skies. 

I even had an ICED americano after the gym. I am the type of girl that can drink hot tea and coffee in July so an iced americano in January is crazy! Nine degrees… what? Global warming people, it’s happening. 

My walks home from school are ALMOST light, but the moon is pretty dang gorgeous.

The sunsets aren’t bad either.

My goal this month has been to increase my number of interval sessions and quality mile runs and I have already done FIVE this month! Though they’re still not “comfortable,” I’m trying to be comfortable with being uncomfortable 🙂