It’s a miracle… I ran outside.

I enjoy making breakfasts that look like they should have their own TV commercial. I am amazed that my mom didn’t hear me making my breakfast at 6 am before school because I somehow manage to use half of the pots and pans and most of the kitchen utensils to do so. 

My dad made coffee before he left for work this morning and he left me some extra. I think I’ll make my own next time because it was pretty comparable to drinking a hot cup of mud (or what I imagine mud would be like ;). He sure likes his coffee disgusting strong.

Don’t fall out of your chair or anything but… I ran outside today! I braved the winter weather and hit the pavement for a much-needed run in the cool fresh air. Actually, it was -2, not windy at all, and pretty much the perfect running conditions! I didn’t go too far or too fast but it felt good to be outside. 

I did 5.22 miles and I was so excited all day that it would be sunny and blue-sky and nice when I was running but I forgot that the sun sets at 4:30. It was dark about 0.13 miles into my run. Oh well, it made dodging the ice and slush a little more of a challenge, but kind of fun!

My mom ran outside this morning too and told me not to expect fast splits on the slush because it takes 281 times more effort to run in slush… it’s like cold sand. I managed to pull off 8:06 min/mile and wasn’t even pushing myself! 

I felt so great when I was done. Sweaty… but great. 

My mom and I were the only ones home for dinner so we decided to have breakfast for dinner. Pancakes are great for refuelling after a run. Pancakes with a little lot of peanut butter are better.

You know how last time I ran outside I said I would do it more often? That was over a month ago… oops. I still haven’t changed my Garmin from kilometres to miles and it made me think I was running super fast… I then realized I had only gone 0.62 miles and that the “DIST: 1.0” was a kilometre. I really need to change that. Next time I run outside I will switch the settings… so I’ve got a good few weeks before that happens 😉

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  1. I think 281 times more effort sounds about right to me too, great run Kris. And those pancakes look amazing!
    – Shawn

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