Justin Timberlake brought sexy back.

One of my many wonderful Christmas gifts was a ticket to the Justin Timberlake concert. My parents gave my brother and I tickets for last night’s show and it was INCREDIBLE. 

Honestly, I kind of forgot about the tickets after Christmas and a couple days ago when I remembered I wasn’t stoked beyond belief like I probably should have been. It wasn’t because the concert started at 9 pm which is when I am usually crawling into bed with a book about running, it was because the only JT songs I knew from his most recent album were remixes that I added to my spin playlists. I was severely concerned I wouldn’t be able to dance and sing to each and every song. However; I figured it would be fun to hang out with my brother, dance, and sing to as many lyrics as I could, so we headed to downtown Edmonton last night for a pretty fab night.

As IF we were THAT close to him. I wish. Our tickets were fairly nosebleed but I don’t think there are bad seats in that arena. Our view looked a little more like this.

It’s ok. I am pretty sure Mr. Timberlake felt the love all the way up from the third floor. 

My brother and I got ready, both dawned some brown pointy-toed shoes, and tried to look as fashion-forward as JT himself. That man is pretty dang sexy. Talented and good looking. 

I regret not being super duper excited about this concert because it was UNREAL. I didn’t know half of the songs but he is such a great singer, dancer, and performer that it didn’t really matter. His show was three hours long and the entire thing was choreographed and performed perfectly. Seriously, I could watch him dance all day long.

We were a bit far from the stage but it didn’t matter because THE STAGE MOVED. Probably close to a third of the stage was performed near us because a walk-way stage moved across the arena and transported Justin into perfect view for us! 
We had tons of fun, especially when Justin Timberlake sang some old songs that included “Sexy Back.” It’s funny how you know more songs than you think because when he performed a few of his songs from the most recent album, I actually had heard them before. 

The finale song was “Mirrors”… obviously… and it was awesome! The atmosphere for the entire concert was crazy and I don’t think I have much of a voice today 🙂 Worth. it. 
I didn’t climb into bed until 1:09 am. My 5:30 am alarm came far too fast. It also meant that sleep > hygiene and skipping a shower meant I got 15 more minutes of sleep. Hey, I did my hair yesterday so there was enough hairspray in it to probably last 5 days (I won’t test this theory don’t worry).

I’ll be enjoying the student diet today… aka coffee 😉 I am so thrilled we got tickets to Justin Timberlake’s concert and I can’t thank my parents enough! Here’s some JT to start your day off right!