Leg day after a long run = ouch.

It probably would have been better to work on my arm strength today, you know… let my legs rest and all after doing 11.0 miles yesterday… but nah, legs day it was. My mom and I got to go to the gym together today and she wanted to learn how to use some of the leg presses and strength machines so she could do leg day on her own when she is at the gym without me. No one else in my family does leg day and then they wonder how I do 10 minute wall sits? I lift. With my legs. A lot.

We did some cardio first because who doesn’t love cardio? I did 20 minutes of elliptical, using three minute intervals to constantly adjust my level so I didn’t get bored. I ranged from level 8 to level 18 and definitely worked up a sweat. I ran 3.0 miles on the treadmill after at a fairly easy “recovery pace.” Then we did legs.

I try to do super-sets (two moves at once, alternating between the two to let one muscle recover while I am working another muscle) to make the most of my time at the gym. We spent about 40 minutes doing leg strength.

Smith squats / Dead lifts.
Calf raises (machine) / Lunges off a bench.
Wall Squat with weight (1 minute) / Calf Raise (dumbbells).
Leg press machine / Squats with dumbbells. 
Alternating lunges.
Hamstring curl (machine) / Quad Press (machine). 

In an effort to counter balance my intense and intimidating look while lifting 100 lbs with my calves, I wore a shirt with a bow. Extremely more feminine 😉

My mom walked down the stairs when we had returned home from the gym saying “Ouch!” so I think we had a pretty good leg workout at the gym. I was sure ready for a hot bowl of peanut butter and banana oatmeal. 

I was discussing compression socks with my parents last night and whaddaya know, the running tip for today is about compression socks. I read mostly running blogs and running magazines and such and every second runner has compression socks on. Some people swear by them and I have personally never tried them but was curious as to whether you can actually feel a difference in running recovery with compression socks versus without them.

It’s hard to imagine that a pair of socks would really change running recovery that much but I guess if thousands of runners and scientists have proven it, it just might be true right? I think that the act of walking and cooling down by continuing to move after a long run also increases circulation, stimulates blood flow, and reduces lactic acid build-up… but companies can’t charge $50 for walking 😉 I may have to test out some compression socks for myself!

Thoughts on compression socks? Do they actually help with recovery? 


  1. I’ve actually trained and raced with and without compression socks. I find the knee high type actually help during a run to keep my legs feeling fresh. I typically wear them now on any run where I’m planning on going for more then an hour.

    I know some people really like the CEP brand socks but I find these ones have the best fit (at least for myself):

    Hopefully that helps.
    – Shawn

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