New Year, New Record.

Welcome to 2014! I thought the best way to start the new year would be to go for a solid run. 14 miles to begin 2014? Why not! I have constantly been checking the weather forecast in hopes that things would warm up a bit so I could do this run outside. This is what this morning looked like…

I mean -17… c’mon. I ditched all plans to tough it out no matter what and hit the indoors for my 14.0 miles. I cannot thank my dad enough for getting up early on his day off and letting me into his office gym to hit up the treadmill for a couple hours. He is so selflessly wonderful! 

The treadmill at his office has a maximum workout time of 99:00 minutes and therefore I had to do my run in two sessions, so I don’t have a beautiful picture of a treadmill display reading “DISTANCE: 14.0”. I did 12.22 miles in the first 99 minutes and then the last 1.78 miles in 14:10. 

I had a banana about 45 minutes before I ran because I knew I couldn’t do 14 miles without ANY fuel. I can normally pound out a few miles in the morning without eating, because my stomach doesn’t handle lots of food well before running, but this time I knew even a few calories would help. I brought some energy chews in case I really started to fade, but I didn’t end up eating them. 

14.0 miles in 1:53:10. My average pace was 8:05 min/mile, as always, at a 1.0% incline. This was a new record for me – longest run on a treadmill! It is also pretty close to my longest run EVER. Not for long though, as I will have some pretty hefty runs coming up when I start training for the Calgary marathon! I was cold when we got to the gym. I was SO hot about 1.2 miles in and sweat like crazy indoors.

The treadmill in this office gym doesn’t have a water bottle holder… what is that nonsense? I had to put my water in the stationary bike holder next to me. That means I almost fell off the treadmill every time I tried to grab a sip of water. 

Proud of my run and happy to be done. Two hours on a treadmill is a long time. I listened to podcasts, music, and watched Sportscentre on TV. Good times. What an awesome way to kick off the year – 14 miles to begin 2014!

I demolished a bowl of flax oatmeal with peanut butter and a pear when I got home. This was a good hearty breakfast to fuel me for a full day of work. 

I ran 13.0 KM last year on January 1st, because 13.0 MILES was just about a half marathon and considering I was training for a half in February, this distance still seemed slightly terrifying. It was pretty awesome to reflect on how far I have come in just a year – I was EXCITED to run 14.0 miles this year! I can’t wait to experience all that 2014 has to offer… Happy New Year!