Protein pancakes… I was skeptical.

I slept in this morning! It felt good to rest my body but it meant I ended up at the gym at the same time as 3918751 other people. I ditched the busy fitness centre and hit up the spin bikes for a little self-spin-class. I love this view in the morning – and I remembered my sweat towel this time! 

I did 60 minutes of spin by hitting “shuffle” on one of my spin playlists. It wasn’t a fluke last time when I said my legs were feeling stronger. Using my normal gears I was barely working and had to add a bit of resistance to each drill I did. It is so satisfying to increase tension on the spin wheel and know it’s because your legs are getting strong (and not because it’s a fluke and the bike is broken or something ;).

An hour of spin, with lots of hill climbs, sprints, and various interval drills left me sweating like crazy. There was a lot of Flo Rida, Justin Biebs, and Beyonce to keep my heart and legs pumping!

After my solo spin sesh I hit up the weights area and did about 45 minutes of arm strength training. Once again my mom was grabbing the same weights as me… I really need to step up my game… this is getting embarrassing. I didn’t even try push-ups next to her because she can do about 34 times more than me. I did bust out most of my usual moves and got a great arm burn happening! This workout brought to you by Lululemon 😉

When I got home from the gym I was more than ready for a hearty breakfast and I couldn’t decide between my go-to egg white omelette or my love – oatmeal. I remembered a recipe I had been meaning to try by one of my favourite bloggers Peanut Butter Fingers (you can probably guess why I love her so much) which is an egg white oatmeal protein pancake. I was a little skeptical because though I love each of those foods separately, I wasn’t too sure how they would taste together… especially when the “batter” looked like this.

Egg White and Oatmeal Protein Pancake
(100% of the credit for this recipe goes to PBF!)

1 cup of egg whites
1/3 cup of oatmeal
1 tbsp flax (my addition!)
1/2 tsp of cinnamon

Spray a medium sized-frying pan with cooking spray, heat on medium-high, mix all ingredients and pour into heated pan. Let cook for a few minutes until all edges have turned white and the pancake is starting to firm up. Flip pancake and let cook another couple minutes. 

Serve with peanut butter and bananas. (Ok, that last part is just how I do it but I think it is probably the best 😉

I was skeptical at first but it was DELICIOUS! It is full of protein, but also has the carbs from the oatmeal and when I topped mine with peanut butter I added some heathy fats! I can’t wait to try other combinations of toppings because the base pancake is amazing, hearty, and wonderful. 

It was an awesome breakfast that refuelled a pretty solid workout. My arms are going to be sore tomorrow and I finally got some more much needed quality time with a spin bike! 

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