Run, Spin, Run.

As much as I love the treadmill (not sarcasm, I actually do), I am really looking forward to a nice run outdoors tomorrow! The treadmill is my winter saviour and I am kind of a baby when it comes to wind, rain, and snow so it works out that I get the majority of my winter miles in on what most people consider the “dreadmill.” One thing about the treadmill is that you have to MAKE it work. It’s not going to be fun to run hundreds of miles at a steady pace at 0% incline… so don’t. Add some incline (1.0-1.5% is about equivalent to road running), do some hill work, incorporate some intervals, try speed training… learn to LOVE the treadmill 😉 Switching things up on da ‘mill (obviously the cool kids call it that) also helps prevent injuries!

It was pretty nice out today but I took my workout inside because I knew I didn’t want to just run. At the gym today I knew I wanted to spin but I also felt like running so I ran, then span, then ran. Confusing? Yes. Sweaty? Fun? Yes and yes. 

I started with a 3.0 mile run on the treadmill. I was wearing shoes that I don’t normally run a ton in and I stepped in a big puddle on my way into the gym so I felt really slow on da’ mill.

I changed into my cycling shoes and span for 60 minutes. I love my new playlist and these songs just make me want to dance… which on a spin bike translates to pedalling super fast and super hard. 

There were not enough industrial-sized fans near my bike. At least I remembered to bring a water bottle this time!

My favourite view.

After spin I hit up the treadmill for another 2.0 miles. I kind of gave it my all on the bike so I ran these miles pretty slow, more of a cool down for my workout than anything… that, and watching the Food Network… because after almost two hours at the gym I was getting hungry. 

I totally enjoy running outdoors and am really excited that these warmer temperature decided to stick around for a bit so I can hit the pavement tomorrow. I probably should take advantage of the gorgeous and sunny warm weather before we get another blast of cold and snow, as much as I love the treadmill 🙂 No, treadmill running will never exactly mimic outdoor conditions, but it gets the job done and interval running makes treadmill running crazy awesome! 


  1. I’m with you I really don’t mind the treadmill either…and considering we literally have snow for 1/2 the year…you may as well make friends will the mill! (and NetFlix is a great way to pass the time)

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