Running (chafe-free) into February.

Um, so how is it the last day of January? If you made any resolutions for 2014 I hope you are still going strong! At the beginning of January I didn’t set any resolutions, but I did set some goals for January and one of them was to increase the number of quality miles I ran, rather than just running a quantity of miles. I made an effort to do two interval running workouts each week. I did some Yasso 800s, a couple of Bart Yasso’s treadmill runs, some half mile intervals, and I really loved it! I felt like I had really worked hard after each one and I hope they have improved my running a little bit!

Last night I did Bart Yasso’s third favourite treadmill workout. It was NOT at a 2% incline like the other one I tried, it was only at a 1% incline… so it didn’t feel as hard but was still a crazy sweaty run. 

I had a running friend beside me on the treadmill for part of the workout so it actually flew by! I cranked my music for the rest and ran my heart out. I consider 7:30 min/mile my HM pace (half marathon pace) so that is what I used for the intervals and for the recovery period I jogged 10:00 min/mile. 

In case you missed the first Bart Yasso treadmill workout that I tried, his second favourite one, you can read about it here. Despite his efforts to try and kill me, I survived and am possibly a stronger runner because of it… wait a second… maybe that was his goal all along 😉

I have Bart Yasso’s 1st favourite treadmill workout left to try. It looks killer so I will let myself recover before I attempt this bad boy. 

I was only on the treadmill for an hour last night, but it was really hot in the gym (not just the males that were there, but temperature-wise) and I am pretty sure if I was on da ‘mill any longer I would have started to chafe. I still hadn’t tried the anti-chafe gel that I bought after Christmas so I decided that this morning I would do an easy run on the treadmill and test it out. 

I actually didn’t really have a choice about the “easy run” thing. I got up early to go to the gym and get a solid workout in before I tackled a day of studying and homework, and when I hopped on the treadmill I realized it had only been 12 hours since I stepped off the treadmill. My legs hadn’t exactly had the chance to recover yet so I did 6.4 miles at about an 8:43 min/mile pace. After running I did 15 minutes of stair master and 45 minutes of leg strength training (read; hundreds of lunges, squats, and calf raises).

Even though it wasn’t a crazy long run this morning, I had no signs of chafing whatsoever so I will be curious to see how this stuff performs on longer runs. I haven’t found shorts that are completely immune to chafing after about an hour or so on the treadmill so I hope this “glide” will be my solution. I mean, I guess the logical solution would to stop running such ridiculous distances on the treadmill but we all know that won’t happen. 

I managed to log 170.0 miles in January and that included some fatal intense interval training. I start marathon training in TEN days and could not be more thrilled! January was a base-building and maintaining month and I am pretty sure I accomplished that goal! I hope everyone had a strong January and keeps that momentum going into February! I plan on running hard (chafe-free) into February 🙂


  1. 170 miles – great work!
    And that Body Glide is good stuff, it’s got me through some long runs / marathons on some hot days.
    – Shawn

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