Running Room is sneaky.

I mentioned yesterday that I had some reading delivered to me in the mail. It had some great articles and made me want to sign up for a bunch of races! Canada is such a gorgeous country and I want to run all over it! 

Just after sending me this magazine, Running Room decides to be sneaky and sent me a $10 gift certificate in the mail. How convenient…  

I think it’s a sign you spend your money solely on running gear when you earn enough points for rebates at your favourite running store. I’m not complaining by any means 😉

I still have some gift cards from Christmas that I haven’t spent so it looks like a trip to the Running Room will be happening ASAP. I am convinced I need a new pair of running shoes and I have been dreaming (literally) of running in the new Brooks PureCadence3s  but they haven’t arrived in Canada yet. I am also looking to invest in some compression socks because I have heard pretty awesome things about them and before my marathon training begins I think I need to look the part of a serious runner 😉

I went to the gym after work today and hit the treadmill for an hour. I had no goals for pace and no intentions of pushing myself faster than my legs wanted to go. I was completely fine with settling into a slower pace and sticking with it. I did 7.0 miles at 8:26 min/mile. I felt great! Sometimes our bodies need some slow and steady miles to loosen up and recover! The Runsie finally made an appearance. I feel like it’s been so long since I looked like a crazy person in a onesie at the gym!

After my seven mile run I hit the weights (with 7851 teenage boys it seemed) and did 40 minutes of arm strength training. My shoulders were sure feeling it! I finished off with some back strength and then called it a day. My biceps were burning and full of lactic acid when I left the gym but somehow all of the muscle I built up just disappeared right before this picture was taken… let’s just pretend I’m not actually flexing my hardest here. 

I like to lift weights, but arm days sometimes just aren’t my favourite. I have always been “all legs” so my arms take a lot of hard work and it takes about 3.2 days of no strength training for all of the muscle to disappear. I guess I just have to work harder 🙂 

Any suggestions for what I should spend my Running Room money on?


  1. That’s funny because I was wondering when RR was going to send out the certificate! I know that I spent more than enough money there last year to get one 🙂

  2. Hmm, such a tough problem to have! I’d go with the compression socks because they’re pricey and it’s nice to get them as a gift. However, those Mizuno Breath Thermo tights the other commenter mentioned are pretty rad! Happy shopping!

  3. Running Room Gift cards are the best! I currently have a $100 Lululemon card that’s burning a hole in my purse…..I just don’t know what to buy! My recent RR purchases included: Yak Trax, Sweaty Bands, Gus, nuun tablets, smart wool socks, and Mizuno Breath Thermo tights. I better be getting that $10 gift card soon too 😉 LOL

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