Step 4: Spin Instructor Assessment.

Up until today, the process of becoming a group cycling instructor has been purely theory and hypothetical. It’s fine and dandy to talk about drills, cadence, positioning, cueing, music counts, class structure, and muscles, but today I had to walk the walk and actually put into practice everything I have learned over the past few months about spin instruction. 

The first step was my CPR course. Then, I took the AFLCA Exercise Theory course and the exam for the course. Finally, I traveled to Calgary in late November to take the Group Exercise Theory course and then completed the exam for that course. While I was in Calgary I took the “Cycling” designation course through Keiser, a major indoor cycling company, and learned more than I ever thought I would about indoor cycling (aka the day I spent six hours sitting on a spin bike). Today, I taught a spin class to some voluntary participants and was assessed on my group instruction!

My voluntary participants were my mom and brother and they were great! No harassment or anything during the class 😉 I am always amazed how supportive my family is and I thank them each and every day for always being there for me. Not every family would come to a fake spin class for you in the middle of the day and sweat like crazy to help you pass your assessment!

I had been working on my class plan for a couple weeks now, perfecting it, and practicing the songs on the spin bike when I was at the gym. Can you tell that I grew up with a teacher in the family? My lesson plan is typed, bolded and italicized, and protected in a plastic cover.

The class went really well and I PASSED! The songs were really awesome for spin and I got to use the spin studio speakers and everything! I didn’t use the headset microphone because there were only two participants in my class but next time, when it is legit, I can’t wait to try out the mike! 

I can’t wait to start teaching for real and will for sure be posting my certificate when I get the entire cycling instructor certification in the mail! This mini class got me so excited to teach for real! 

After our early afternoon spin, my mom and I headed out for a little walk in the sunshine. I woke up feeling a little stiff and sore so I took it easy today (because I don’t know what “rest” means) and we did four miles on the country roads under the blue skies.

We had to do a bit of navigating over the ice but for the most part it was clear on the back roads. It was just getting to these roads that was a little tricky and slippery. WORTH IT.

It was great to get some fresh air and though it was a tad cold… though that may have been because I was wearing crop tights… it was still a great walk and I love talking to my mom about random stuff!

I can’t wait for our Monday night “Yoga for Athletes” class… the foam roller just might kill me tonight. After yesterday’s half marathon on the ice I have some darkening bruises and a little stiffness but overall I feel pretty good! I was so surprised when I didn’t really feel sore rolling out of bed this morning!

Bruises will fade, pride is forever 🙂 I really can’t wait for my next run outside (or on the treadmill 😉 with a newfound running buddy. Apparently “training up” is a good thing! 


  1. Congratulations on your pass! I love that you have your agenda typed up and inside a protective sleeve … I would do the same thing.

  2. Congratulations!!! I used to love taking spinning classes but I haven’t had a gym membership for the last couple of years so haven’t had a chance to take any. I do own a spinning bike but sadly don’t use it as much as I should — do you suggest anywhere online to get great spinning videos/workouts??

    1. I usually just grab a fresh playlist and create some drills to go with the music but I’ll keep my eye out for some great online videos! I am super jealous you have a spin bike at home 😉

  3. So proud of you, once again, Kris. It was a fun class. And thanks for dragging me out for a walk, after I did yoga, after I did your spin class and before our stretching class! No wonder I didn’t get anything done yesterday.

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