Talking about the future.

I may have forcibly taken control of the conservation at dinner last night to rope my parents and brother into discussing my future. Actually it was more like, when everyone had taken a bite of their food and it was quiet, I burst out and said, “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE?” They all really enjoy talking about my future career and plan for life. I think I even saw tears in my brother’s eyes. 

I read this article on Buzzfeed and it is SO accurate. 

When you tell people that you are graduating in May, the first thing they ask, and rightly so, is what you will be doing after graduation. I change my answer every time someone asks me this which is a clear sign I really know what I’m doing.

I am really excited to graduate, don’t get me wrong… but in this world, a Bachelor of Science for someone who doesn’t really want to spend their life researching the metabolism of tiny organisms in a lab, doesn’t go very far. I am looking into various grad schools and though I don’t think I have a great shot with my average grades, medical school. I definitely want to work in health and fitness… is there a way I can make money by running around Canada in a onesie? I’d like that job please.

It was really helpful to talk to my family about my plans, you know, before I have a mental breakdown or something. I am a major planner and not knowing what I will be doing (for the rest of my life) is super stressful. Thankfully I have parents that are perfectly ok with me living with them until I am 43 years old… right mom and dad? 

For now, I will just keep working my butt of at University, enjoying the things I love like running and spin, and relying on the fact that it ‘always works out in the end.’ I did 60 minutes of spin today, using the same playlist as last time. After spinning (and sweating a ridiculous amount) I hit the Stairmaster for 15 minutes, did some hamstring and quad work, then finished with a 5 minute wall sit. I love wall sits… just sayin.

I rehydrated the best way I know how… with a decaf Americano.

Coffee and exercise makes me forget all about the stressful situation that is my future. I don’t think I am ‘running away’ from my problems, I prefer to think that I am ‘running towards’ a solution 🙂 

Happy Hockey Day in Canada! You best be cheering for the Habs tonight!