The compliment I’ve been waiting for.

Don’t buy calendars before the new year. Wait until the date switches from December to January and all of the calendars are at least 50% off. I see this every year and regret whatever I have bought for Christmas that is calendar-related. Finally this year I waited until January to scope out the stock. My dad thought he should buy this calendar for his Mensa group (he’s not actually in a Mensa group but thinks he is smart enough to be in one… I personally think I’ll get a letter to Hogwarts before he gets an invite to Mensa ;). 

I picked up a Runners World daily calendar at Chapters for 50% off and it is full of tips and running advice and I am super excited to have a new “running tip” every day! Injury prevention tips? Yes please! I’m hoping that having this daily calendar will give me even more motivation get up and run, run, run!

I think I’ll take this tip and run with it (pun intended). Slow your pace? Ok. Fine. If I have to 😉 These tips will definitely help when I begin my marathon training but for now, I am trying to increase my pace with some solid quality miles and maintain some base distance for long runs. 

I hesitantly stepped onto the treadmill today, hoping for a pain-free and feel-good run. A pain-free, feel-good, and wonderful run is what I had! I told myself I was going to run more quality miles in the new year, so I did a few Yasso 800s today. I usually run a fairly steady-paced run and don’t really push myself to do intervals or “harder” workouts while running so I have challenged myself to change that. 

1.0 mile warm up @ 8:20 min/mile.

6 X 800m repeats – 3:29 (6:58 min/mile pace)
400 m recovery jog in between. 

1.5 mile cool-down @ 8:20 min/mile. 

Total: 7.0 miles.

I followed up my run with 10 minutes of stairs and 40 minutes of legs. There were tons of hot guys in the fitness centre so I attempted to up all of my weights and do moves that make me look strong (all leg moves ;). I busted out some 45 lb. wall sits (me, sitting on the wall, with a 45 lb. plate on my legs… basically a bit of an advanced wall squat) and it felt good to do shorter and tougher wall sits compared to when I did a ten-minute wall sit with no weight. I left the gym sweaty and full of endorphins. 

For some reason the hot guys didn’t compliment me on my Runsie (my running onesie). Who doesn’t like seeing a girl do squats in a weird one-piece workout outfit? However; a couple of girls came up to me and said they had seen the Runsie on Lululemon’s website but couldn’t really picture what it would look like in real life. They said they were happy to see it looks great on me. Despite my mom firmly believing they were mocking me, I disagree and I was so thrilled that someone complimented me on it! 

The guys will come around… maybe I just need to wear the other colours. 

As much as I like running miles on end with no challenge except remembering to keep running and not fall off the treadmill, to become a better and faster runner I need to push harder during my runs and throw in some fast-paced intervals or Yasso 800s. It was actually kind of fun to do some faster running today and it didn’t feel too hard… which probably means I should have run faster but… uh… next time 🙂


    1. It is SO light and comfortable! Perfect for running/cardio but I also wear it for weights and such too. Really breathable and hasn’t chaffed so far!

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