There is a reason I haven’t shovelled once this year.

I finally did some weight lifting today. I mean, of course I ran 7.0 miles before that, just to be sure my muscles were fully warmed up. I didn’t run fast or hard and pulled off about 8:29 min/mile. Then I hit the weights for 50 minutes to do arms. I left the gym and then sky was SO blue and it was seven degrees out! Is this May or January?

I thought about jogging a few miles in the sunshine but instead continued with my strength training and attempted shovelling the ice off of the driveway.

How could I not spent a few minutes soaking in the Vitamin D? I tried my best but some parts of the driveway I just could NOT clear. There is layer upon layer of ice so hopefully it melts a little more and I will be able to scrape it easier. I think that is a sign that I should probably lift weights a little more often.

I was still in my spandex shorts from the gym and I switched out of my runners and into the first pair of boots I could find. I looked super fashionable. It probably looked like I got really confused with this warm weather in January. 

When I got home from the gym I snacked on some carrots and hummus while making some lunch. I had eaten my breakfast at work at around 8 and didn’t step out of the shower until 2 so to say I was hungry would be an understatement. Normally, that six hours would mean about 3 meals. Heaven forbid I wait an extra three minutes to eat my salad for lunch – carrots and hummus HAVE to be my favourite snack. 

I pretty much chopped up every possible vegetable in my fridge and threw some grilled turkey and mozzarella cheese on top. Yep, that is a serving bowl. Family of four salad = Kris-sized salad.

Balsamic vinegar is so simple but such a great salad dressing. It gives any salad a little tang! Good thing we buy ours in the giant Costco-size. 

Today was actually the first time I have shovelled the drive-way ALL winter. I am usually at school or at work and just generally super busy (or I make myself look busy) when it is snowing and I have managed to avoid that back-killing exercise for the past few months. I conveniently choose a day where the temperature is twenty degrees above average to take my turn 😉 My sad attempt at scraping the ice is a major signal that I need to work on my arm strength again!

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