A comfy Superbowl Sunday.

I was very indecisive about my workout today. My legs were still wicked sore from Friday’s leg strength training and after reluctantly turning down a long group run, I couldn’t decide what to do for my solo workout. I packed my gym bag with running shoes, cycling shoes, and a swim suit and goggles. Unlimited options. 

I ran. and span. 4.0 miles on the treadmill to loosen up my legs. I ran about an 8:40 min/mile pace, getting faster as I went and as my legs became less and less tight. After my run I put my hair up in a bun (because it has to be in a ponytail to run… HAS TO) and hit the spin bikes for a 60 minute heart-pumping, leg-burning solo spin.

I pushed hard and added a gear to what I normally use for sprints which made them very intense, but awesome! I used my latest spin playlist which contains all of the songs I talked about yesterday! 

There were very few people at the gym so not too many people saw me singing along to some of those great songs 😉 When I was finished spinning, I did some planks and called it a day. Planks are hard… so you must distract yourself by taking selflies. One in every three people doing “core” is actually taking pictures of themselves. Fact. 

I got home just in time for the Superbowl kickoff! I quickly showered and changed into the most formal attire and did my hair to perfection for the game… HA. Football and comfy clothes make for a pretty awesome Sunday evening. 

That, and a big bowl of veggies and hummus. My mom has chicken cooking in the crock pot and that means the entire house smells of deliciousness. Yum!

I think I am one of the only people who watches sports, especially football, at my work. My coworkers asked who was playing today… ummm… really? As much as I love sports, I don’t like some of the questions people ask female sports fans


No, just… no. Women can be sports fans too!

Enjoy your Superbowl Sunday and I hope you are wearing the comfiest clothes possible and eating the best food 🙂