A swimming workout when you don’t want to swim.

I did another two-wrist band workout today! I managed to make it to the pool again, like I promised myself I would! It is a real struggle to convince myself I want to put on a bathing suit and dip my toes in the cold pool when it is FREEZING outside. Before the pool however; I had my first training speed workout at the gym. 

I hit up the treadmill for some 800m repeats. I thought about going to the track for my speed work but I figured setting the treadmill to my goal speed for the intervals would be easier than trying to get my pace going on the track. “Easier” is a relative term. This workout was anything but easy. 

I must have been tired when I packed my gym bag last night. I forgot a sports bra. Awesome. At least it didn’t chafe. 

I did a 2.0 mile warm-up, then 4 X 800m repeats (3:20, 3:20, 3:19, and 3:16) with a 400m jog in between intervals. I did a 1.0 mile cool down for a total of 6.0 miles. 

I thought my legs were going to go flying off of the treadmill. How do people naturally run that fast for more than 800m? I am super duper jealous to say the least. I have been trying to convince my brother to start running and he ran two miles on Monday and two this morning… AT 7:30 MIN/MILE. WHAT?! I am a wee bit competitive and am super stoked that he can run fast BUT wicked jealous that he can run that fast without even trying!

After the gym I hit the pool and really didn’t feel like swimming a bunch of laps. So I didn’t. I asked the lifeguards if I could use some of the weights that they normally use for lessons. When I did my lifeguard training we had to do egg beaters with weighted bricks and it is such a hard leg workout. I thought I would give it a try again… long story short, I almost drowned myself.

50 m egg beaters with 8 lb dumbbell. 
50 m flutter kick with kick board.
50 m water running while punching with 8 lb dumbbells. 
250 m free style swimming.

I am pretty sure I recall using 10, 15, and 20 lb bricks when I did lessons at age 13… I must have been one strong middle-school swimmer. I almost drowned when I grabbed both 8 lb weights to do the egg beaters… I had to cut it down to one 8 lb weight and even then! The water punches were no joke either. I looked like a crazy person but it was such a good shoulder and arm workout! Instead of all freestyle swim or breaststroke, it was nice to do a few other types of pool workouts.

I left the pool and sprinted to my car. In the 4.2 seconds it took me to get from the door to the vehicle, my hair froze.

I love how great the water feels on my legs and my body in general. Swimming is such a low-impact form of cardio, I feel like it is the perfect cross-training for running! AND if you go straight from sweating and sprinting your butt off at the gym to the cold, cold pool, you will WANT to dive right in because you want to cool off from your run still! 


  1. Oh man, the push-up bra at the gym! I hate when you furiously dig through the gym bag until you finally realize “noooooo, I forgot it”. I never truly appreciated my sports bra until I forgot it for Hot Yoga! I agree swimming is such a gentle cross training activity I’m super impressed that you did that killer pool workout after speed.

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