A Two-Wristband Workout.

I promised myself that I would get into the pool more this month to cross train by swimming laps. Five days into the month and I finally made it. I didn’t just want to swim though so I decided to strength train at my gym before I hit the pool. You know you have a variety of workouts planned when your gym bag looks like you are headed on a week-long vacation.

I don’t exactly enjoy the travel time in between work and the gym and the pool and home (ok, it’s actually only about 3 minutes for each) but I do enjoy doubling up my wristbands for the day. 

I did 20 minutes on the elliptical at a fairly moderate level. I was not planning on stressing my legs at all today because I think they need a bit of recovery! I do like to warm-up my body a bit before I strength train… especially when it is -30 outside and I am extremely cold. After the elliptical I did 40 minutes of arm strength training and 10 minutes of abs. I am in an ab rut… I just don’t know what to do. I get stuck a few different styles of crunches and get bored and bail after a few sets. I need a new ab routine! 

After the gym I hit the pool for a quick swim. 

50 m breaststroke warm-up.
900 m free-style.
50 m breaststroke cool-down.

In case anyone is already looking for birthday ideas for me… it looks like Running Room has you covered. The PureCadence3s should arrive just in time for my birthday! Yes, I emailed customer service to ask when the Brooks PureCadence 3s would be coming to Canada. It is important to me. 

Finally a pool workout! The only problem was that my hair froze when I left the pool. It was absolutely necessary that I stop at Starbucks to get an Americano on my way home. 

Any suggestions for some ab/core workouts that will rock my socks?


    1. No worries! The tone of her blog is a little too focused on weight loss and looks which I’m not a fan of, but her workouts are so convenient to do at home on a yoga mat and there’s lots of variety

  1. Repeat three times
    Prone Plank- 60 second holds
    Lateral Plank- 60 second holds
    Roman Chair Leg Raise- 20 reps
    Cable Crunch- 20 reps
    Oblique Crunches- 20 reps

    I try and do this every workout and it’s definitely a killer one! Hope all is well,

    – Harley

  2. My go to ab routine that I do every second day or so
    25 proper crunches (slow and focused, eyes looking at the ceiling)
    25 proper crunches while raising right leg up and down
    25 proper crunches while raising left leg up and down
    50 I don’t know what they are called, kind of half crunches while touching inside of foot on each side as you come up
    Side plank right – hold with top leg up as long as possible, then continue for 60 seconds
    Side plank left – hole top leg up as long as possible, then continue for 60 seconds.
    Plank – 60 seconds plus
    Raised plank – 60 seconds plus
    Crunch while using 10 lb. dumbbells, doing a chest press at the same time
    Chest fly while lying on floor and doing raised legs at same time
    I do those in between doing my arm exercises.

  3. I did an awesome ab workout the other day on the Run Like a Girl BC’s Pinterest page. Have you tried the 8 min abs that the hungry runner girl suggested? You can youtube 8 min abs and it’s awesome!

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