I drained a water bottle.

Yesterday I hit up the treadmill for 5.0 easy miles as per the training schedule. I ran with a really easy 8:36 min/mile pace (with the usual 1.0% incline) and my calves thought I was trying kill them. Turns out I still had a bit of recovery to do from Sunday’s half marathon. I had a bit of time to spare before spin class so I did 20 minutes of abs. Spin class was hard, as always, but it was awesome, and my legs felt fine throughout the entire thing. I am usually super bad for drinking water during a workout and prefer just to rehydrate after I’m done, but during my run-and-spin workout last night I DRAINED AN ENTIRE WATER BOTTLE. A photo-worthy occasion for me. 

This morning my mom and I hit up the gym for a nice early morning indoor run. We drove to the gym in silence and pretty much only spoke to each other to say how tired we were. My calves were screaming at me when I started my warm-up on the treadmill. I could barely manage 8:43 min/mile for 3.0 miles of warm-up. I headed to the indoor track to do my 4 X 800m repeats that were on my schedule for today. 

The “goal” time for these was 3:17. With aching calves and a sore hip, I figured I would just run as fast as I could and get the repeats over with. I didn’t do too bad, I gave it everything I had, and managed 3:20, 3:19, 3:18, and 3:19. (I really with I could have done 3:17 for the last one… ugh… next time).

I walked a lap and a half (400m) in between each interval as a recovery. My mom finished up her 3 mile run and decided to do some ab and arm work upstairs near the track. I was watching my mom do “abs” as I sprinted around the track. I am pretty sure she just fell asleep on the mat. I really wanted to do the same.

I almost collapsed at the end of my last repeat (just trying to get that dang 3:17) and finished off my workout with a cool-down mile for a total of 6.0 miles. Surprisingly (or not, I suppose) the indoor track didn’t hurt my calves as much as the treadmill did. The soft surface felt so much better on my body than the pounding treadmill did. I never thought I would dis the treadmill… don’t worry, once my calves feel better I will be back on that bad boy. 

Apparently it was a one time thing, the whole water bottle draining. I didn’t drink a drop of water during my intervals today. Even the thought of water sloshing in my stomach as I run gives me a cramp. It is one of my long run training goals to figure out a hydration method that works for me, because running 26.2 miles with no water just won’t happen! 


  1. I used to neglect hydration on the run and in workouts too. I’ve just learned how much better I feel when I DO drink. That sloshing feeling is so not fun though. It usually only happens to me when I’ve gulped too much..lol. Great job on your repeats on tired legs! You rock 😀

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