I look like a real distance runner.

Tomorrow I start marathon training! Eeeek! I don’t know what it is about having a schedule for my running but it makes me super excited and nervous at the same time. I mean, it’s all running, but having a plan makes it scarier and more awesome all at once. In preparation to start training I stopped by my favourite place after the gym today.

After some great opinions and thoughts on compression socks from this post, I decided to invest in a pair of my own. I went with one of the major brands that started the whole compression sock thing (according to the lovely sales associate at Running Room) and picked out some grey and black socks by CEP. I was tempted by the pink ones but not all of my running clothes go with pink. Running fashion 101. Black goes with everything. And it makes me look hardcore. 

I don’t know whether or not I will feel a difference in my recovery with compression socks, but if anything, at least I look like a real distance runner now. Yes, my legs are as white as my shirt.

 It seemed only natural after discussing my wealth of knowledge about electrolytes yesterday that I pick up some Nuun electrolyte tablets while I was at the Running Room. I choose “citrus” flavour!

I did 10.0 miles on the treadmill today at an easy pace, only increasing or decreasing when I wanted to. I will have enough scheduled hard runs in the next 16 weeks so I used my last day of “freedom” to enjoy a few miles at whatever pace I wanted for as long as I wanted. Can anyone name the show I was watching?

I may or may not have broken the electrolyte rules. I ran for 84 minutes and 27 seconds… not quite 90… but I just had to try a Nuun electrolyte tablet in my iced green tea after my run. I must say it was delicious… and I can feel my electrolytes balancing as I type 😉

I have my compression socks. I have my electrolytes. I have my schedule. Marathon training begins tomorrow (and I will definitely be chatting all about it tomorrow) and Monday’s workouts are… “rest days.” Way to sprint right out of the gate. I may actually follow the schedule for day one though, and take a rest day, considering my last rest day was December 31. Oops.

How often do YOU take a rest day? Are they as terrible as they sound? 😉


  1. Umm green tea and electrolyte tab. I must try this. I take 1-2 rest days a week. Sometimes they’re hard to take when in a routine but they’re SO important. I’ve learned the hard way. I suggest focusing on stretching and rolling on rest days! Good luck with week 1 of Marathon training!

  2. Oh take your rest days, girl! Especially during marathon training. Your body will thank you, your runs will improve, and you will reduce your risk of injury. Okay, off my soapbox now! (I used to hate them too but ever since I gave my legs a rest my running started to improve. I used to over train. Stupid, stupid, stupid!)

  3. I used to hate Rest days, but I’ve learned to love them…especially when you are in the thick of marathon training. Love the compressions! I order from Pro Compression when they have their ‘sock of the month’ sale. They feature a sock for 40% off! Plus they have awesome styles!

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