My stabilizer muscles hurt.

It was very strange this morning listening to my brother get ready ready for work and making his breakfast in the kitchen while I could just lay in bed until whenever I wanted. I am liking unemployment so far. I told my family last night that I might try to run outside in the morning. Obviously they didn’t take me seriously, I didn’t even take myself seriously because we all know my love of the treadmill (and warmth), but when I woke up I knew I could get up and drive to the gym or I could go back to sleep for another hour until the sun came up, and then run outside. Sleep sounded really good. When I woke up, for the second time, I looked outside and saw a pretty gorgeous sunrise and knew I had made the right choice. 

I layered on my running gear… it was only -7 but anything below zero is just COLD to me, so I bundled up. It was nice to put on my favourite running tights again. They are usually really warm but today it felt like my legs never really warmed up. Considering I was wearing three layers on top, I was a little too warm in my upper body but cold in my lower body… it was a strange feeling.

I have looked at the weather forecast for the half marathon on Sunday and it says -24. Oh dear lord. I’ll be running in a parka. 

I ran one of my favourite routes this morning, a loop through residential streets. I thought the sidewalks would be clear like they are near my house but boy was I wrong. About 73% of the run was spent trying not to fall. My stabilizer muscles hurt. Yesterday I did a lot of shoulder work when I was lifting weights and it turns out that when I am stabilizing myself on the ice and attempting to maneuver around patches of snow and ice I use my shoulders a lot. It took a lot of effort just to keep my arms up. They felt 534 lbs. 

My training schedule said “5 easy miles” today. My loop happened to be 7 miles. I guess that’s another reason I should just stay inside – I stop when I get to my target distance. It was a pretty good run overall, a pretty easy pace for me when you look solely at the number, but in reality it was hard just to keep that when I was attempting not to fall the whole time! I think next time I will find a route where I can just run on clear roads or the river paths.

I came home and peeled off my layers, then did the infamous 8-minute ab video. I forgot how hard that video is. A solid 8 minutes of different types of crunches. After the video I did leg scissors to keep fuelling the burn in my abs, because that is my new favourite ab move (thanks mom for that one :). 

 I ended my workout after abs because I have to save some energy for spin class tonight! I really liked not driving to the gym this morning because it meant that my 70 minute workout was 70 minutes and not over an hour and half including driving time! Also, when I was done my workout, the kitchen was much closer than it is when I finish my workout at the gym 🙂

I am now going to spend the day studying and resting my stabilizer muscles – until spin that is… I don’t know how you crazy people run outside in the winter all the time, you must have incredible balance! I need to work on my choice of clothing for different temperatures, I kind of have two outfits, shorts and a Tshirt or winter tights and a millions layers of jackets on top… suggestions?


  1. I just don’t understand how you survive so much cold weather in general! I’m from Philadelphia and we’re having an extremely snowy/cold winter, but it still is not as cold as the temperatures you post about!

    For me when I run outside I’ll wear a pair of Under Armour coldgear tights (2 pairs if it’s freezing) and then an Under Armour spandex coldgear top (the mock turtle neck ones) with a windbreaker over it or another layer and then a wind breaker over it. Ear muffs are essential for me (they work better than a hat at keeping me warm) I use the brand called 180s. Finally I’ll wear a pair of running gloves. Also my feet get really cold so I’ll double up on socks or rock some wool socks 🙂

    You’re still braver than me when it comes to the cold though!

  2. I love the 8 minute abs workout…from the 80’s but hurts like crazy! Have you tried the 7 minute plank app for the iphone? Another tough one!!

    Way to go for stepping outside your comfort zone and running outside…it’s nice to mix things up and challenge your body every now and then. I just keep telling myself that all this winter running means new summer PB’s!!!

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