No Gym Arms Workout.

It has been a while since I worked out at home. I am addicted to the gym and/or the pool and/or running in the frozen tundra. Today, with a lack of time, a need to dance, and the aversion to driving fifteen minutes to the gym for a cross training day, I stuck to home and did a 40 minute arm workout with the dumbbells we have at my house. 

I try to do super sets of arm moves that require a similar amount of weight when I strength train. For example, I use 15 lb. dumbbells for both shoulder raises and hammerhead curls, thus I pair them together and do alternating sets of each move. This way, I can give each muscle group a rest, while working another muscle group. I hate wasted time during a workout, so I try to do as much as I can without breaks, but resting my muscles by just using other ones. 

We have giant Powerblock dumbbells that are pretty neat in that you can change how much they weigh. By slotting a little lever in whichever amount of weight you want, the handle will pick up the correct amount of weight. They range from 10 to 50 lbs. This means you essentially only need this one set of dumbbells for a workout! The only downside? They are super bulky and a little awkward to use. 

No Gym Arm Workout

Warm-up: Air punches and jogging on the spot. Or, in my case, putting on some music and dancing your butt off. 

Workout: Perform 12 reps of each move, then 12 reps of the next move. Repeat twice for a total of three set of each. Then move onto the next pair.

Chest press / Lateral drop
Shoulder press / Hammerhead curls
Shoulder abduct / Tricep Skull Crushers
Bicep Curls / Chest Fly
Anterior Shoulder Raise / Tricep Dip
Tricep Kickbacks / Shoulder Press-Bicep Curl Combo
Slow Punches: Front x 8
                          Across Body x 8
                          Up and across x 8

For an added challenge, do a set of 12-20 pushups in between each pair of arm moves. 

Cool down: Dance around a little more and stretch out all of your hard-worked muscles!

I have been drinking a TON of water lately and I think it is because I have been copying my brother and putting lemon wedges in my water bottle. It makes water super delicious and a lot easier to drink throughout the day. 

On a super random note… this is my favourite barn. I pass it every time I go into Edmonton and it is so pretty. In summer there is green field around it, in fall there are trees near it with perfectly changing leaves, and in winter it looks just plain adorable. I think it is mandatory to love barns when you live in Alberta? 

No gym? No time? No problem. I hit up the good old at-home dumbbells for some arm strength training. Making an awesome playlist and just workin’ it while no one watches it pretty great. I am happy my legs got a nice break today and my arm workout was perfect for some cross training! 

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