Random Lemon Water Facts.

I got to enjoy a lovely 7 mile tempo run this morning on the treadmill! It is super freezing here today (and will be for the next few days) so it looks like I will be starting March training runs indoors! I did a two mile warm-up, four miles at sub-marathon-pace, and a one mile cool-down. My tempo pace was about 7:45 min/mile today, but I accidentally hit the emergency stop button 2/3 of the way through my run so I don’t know the exact pace. I wore my running shorts, like always, to the gym with no pants and got quite a few stares from people who probably thought I was nuts being in shorts in this cold and wind. 

After my run I did 25 minutes of leg strength training and then 5 minutes on the spin bikes as a cool down. My dad was on the spin bikes too so I wanted to say hi to him (you know, when he was stuck on the bike and couldn’t escape my conversation ;).

My breakfast this morning was back to the usual… a mushroom omelette. I have been just scrambling my eggs the past few days but today was an omelette day (read; I was slicing honeydew melon and forgot about my eggs on the stove and they kind of just turned into a perfect omelette). Costco produce is the bomb dot com. This honeydew was seriously perfection.

I enjoyed a fair amount of spicy salsa on my omelette this morning. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

I downed a ton more lemon water with my breakfast because it’s my latest thang. I was so thirsty when I got home from the gym because I “forgot” to drink water during my run. 

I was curious whether lemon water is actually any more or less beneficial for you than plain water. It turns out… according to the internet, which is always true… lemon water is really healthy. This article talks about the 11 benefits of drinking lemon water. 

I didn’t know that lemons were full of vitamins and nutrients. I guess when you are not actually peeling a lemon and eating it like an orange, you don’t really think about its health benefits. I also love hot lemon water but it makes me feel 80 years old when I drink it. I’ll leave my hot lemon water days for the future… I’m sticking to lemon wedges in my water bottle for now 🙂

Anything to help me drink more water… now I just have to start trying to drink water on the run

Lemons in your water? Berries? PLAIN?!


  1. I love lemon water. I drink it often, and I find it really helps me increase my water intake. I’ve even used lemon juice (like you can buy in those little lemon-shaped squeezie bottles) in my water if I didn’t have a fresh lemon on hand.

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