Something had to give.

Today is the first day I am officially unemployed. A couple of weeks ago I found that I had spread myself a little too thin with full time University and all of the studying and homework that comes with it, a part-time job that gave me 25-30 hours a week, working out and running 7 days a week, and blogging. I loved each and every one of these aspects of my life but I couldn’t dedicate myself to all of them equally and thus, something had to give. There were a few tears involved in this decision… it turns out I had found my mental breaking point 😉

I have worked at Starbucks for FOUR years and decided I was ready to leave my job. I have completed my spin instructor certification and hope to find a job teaching group cycling, but for now, I am perfectly content to take a break from work for a bit. Luckily, this is possible thanks to the support from my parents and the fact that I live at home while I am going to school. I will definitely miss my coworkers and all of the free caffeine, but I am ready to not smell like coffee every day 😉

Starbucks is a really great “first”job and I have met so many incredible people through this job – both coworkers and customers. There are Starbucks stores everywhere and the company makes it really easy for you to transfer from store to store. I began my employment with Starbucks in May of 2010 during my last year of high school in Port Alberni, BC, I worked at a store in Victoria, BC when I attended University there, and then transferred to my most recent store here in Alberta when I moved to St. Albert. As much as I loved this job, four years of making coffee is a long time… I needed a change! 

My parents were extremely supportive in my decision to quit my job, and even helped me write up my resignation letter, that is… until they realized they wouldn’t be getting discount daily lattes and free pounds of coffee every week. Starbucks is great with benefits and I firmly believe they should pay for Caffeine Addiction rehab for all of their former employees (and their families ;). I used to hate coffee when I began as a barista four years ago, and now I am pretty sure not a day goes by where I don’t have a cup of dark roast or an americano. Yesterday was my last day at Starbucks and when I was finished work I wanted to celebrate, so my parents and I went out for sushi. I was celebrating, they were mourning. (I don’t know why this photo is so orange, and yes, that is how my mom uses chopsticks 😉 just kidding). 

We ordered tons of sushi and it was amazing! Every once and a while I get a major craving for sushi and last night certainly satisfied my craving! I think the Mexican rolls were my favourite – they had mango, avocado, and spicy tuna. I also really liked the avocado rolls, because, well… I kind of LOVE avocado.

Apparently finding a sushi restaurant that is open on Sunday is really difficult. We called a few places and tried THREE before we found one that was open! It was called Teriyaki Corner. It was a great sushi restaurant and wasn’t too busy because it is in a new area of Edmonton, so there is not too much around it. I have a feeling it will be really popular. Some of the tables had swinging benches for seats which was really cool! 

Leaving Starbucks is the end of an era for me. Time for a change. I think the first few weeks of not working will be really weird, but I will have lots more time to study and do homework, which is really the whole purpose of my current unemployment! 

Monday is a “rest day” on the marathon training schedule, but I am changing that to “active recovery day.” Last week I forced myself to take a FULL rest day, which was good for my body, but drove me crazy! Today instead of lying comatose on the floor and complaining about not exercising, I went to the gym to do some arm strength training. Mondays will be all about resting my legs, but getting up and moving after the Sunday long runs. After some weights at the gym I swam 1000m at the pool for a little no-impact cardio. I now have the awesome goggle lines around my eyes to prove it! The rest of the day will be spent diving into my reading week list of homework assignments and readings and studying.

Do you drink Starbucks? What is your favourite drink?
Mine would be a Soy Americano Misto with extra water, extra foam, and cinnamon sprinkles on top!


  1. GIRL you are a machine…the thought of going hard 7 days a week makes me want to crawl in bed haha. Once I’m not sick I need to channel some of your motivation! Good for you for knowing when to take a step back 🙂 I work for Starbucks too (Target store) and love it, but I totally relate to the “Starbucks tip” you posted haha. My favorite drink lately has been a cinnamon dolce latte (cinnamon instead of the sugar), but in the summer I love toffee nut iced coffee. 🙂 That sushi looks amazing btw!

  2. Thanks, Kris! I love the Run Less, Run Faster plan. It’s what I’m following to train for Boston in April.

  3. Hi! How many egg whites do you put in your scramble? Are you targeting a specific pace for the marathon?

    Love your blog!

    1. I usually use anywhere between 3/4 – 1 cup of egg whites! We buy the 4-pack at Costco and they are fairly inexpensive 🙂 Plus they are uber delicious!

  4. My favourite drink is a grande, nonfat, extra hot, decaf (yes, decaf – caf does a number on my stomach and sleep), half sweet peppermint mocha. mmmmmmm Already going through withdrawal! Good decision, Kris. Was difficult to make but for the best (well, except for your Dad and myself).

  5. Great post again Kris. I love how your “rest” days have become “active” days. 🙂
    These days I always go for the americano or, if I’ve earned it with a run, a non-fat latte. But back in my pre-fitness days I was all over the mocha, extra whip. I don’t know what was in that whipped cream but it always tasted sooo good.

    And, I found the course map for the 10 Miler online. It’s always a great race every year. Lots of quick runners too.

    – Shawn

    1. I think I have made close to a million whip creams at Starbucks – the secret is our vanilla syrup is added to it! I will have to sign up for that 10-miler – thanks!

  6. Dear Lord….what is wrong with a simple decaf black…coffee…just coffee…no foam, no sprinkles, nothing….just the wonderful taste of not too strong black coffee???

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