Spin with my parents!

Last night my brother went through his closet and found a bunch of clothes he doesn’t wear anymore. I proceeded to take half of these clothes and add them to my closet. Shopping local at its finest. 

He had so many great button down shirts! They are hardly even worn! I don’t really care that they are a few sizes too big… it’s nothing that a big waist belt and pair of tights or leggings can’t fix. I was running out of ways to wear tights every single day of my life so these shirts entered my wardrobe at the right moment. 

Breakfast is looking the same as usual around this joint. I still LOVE my egg whites in the morning before class. I had canned peaches (in water, because syrup is gross) and pear this morning with my turkey and eggs. I wish it was peach season all year round. They are so dang delicious. 

Tonight my dad said he wanted to come with me to a drop-in spin class. I almost fainted I was so excited. We have NEVER span together and I was far too excited to hit up a spin class with him! My mom, another new spin addict, joined us and we had a rockin’ 60 minutes of spin together! It was a really hard class and we all were dripping sweat by the end! The three of us were on such an endorphin high when we were done that we couldn’t stop talking and dancing and singing on the way out of the gym… oh wait, that could have just been me.

I hope this becomes a little family routine every Thursday. The family that spins together stays together. I would say this was a fairly successful cross training day, except I kind of tried to impress my dad with some hard gears and sprinting as fast as I could, so I may struggle with my tempo run that is scheduled for tomorrow. Oops! Oh well, it was worth it – we had a blast!

Do YOU ever get to exercise with friends or family?


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