This could be my new breakfast thing.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentines Day! I know I sure did, it was a night full of passion 😉

You know exactly what my standard go-to breakfast is. Grilled turkey, egg white omelette with green onions, and a side of fruit. I’m a pretty predictable person. It’s healthy, filling, and delicious.

This morning I got a little crazy and made a scrambled egg skillet. Ohmigoodness it was SO delicious. I am always unusually proud of my omelette making skills and that perfect little semi-circle omelette makes my breakfast look adorable but this plate of messiness, though not quite as attractive as an omelette, made up for it in taste. 

I sautéed some onions, green pepper, mushrooms, and turkey, until everything was cooked, then I added a dollop of pesto to the vegetables. I added egg whites and scrambled everything up. I put parmesan cheese on top… because cheese makes everything better obviously I am very conscious of my Calcium needs. 

I had fruit on the side of course. Nature’s candy. Costco is rocking my socks with their produce… cantaloupe, strawberries, and pear, all delicious and perfectly ripe. I don’t know where this fruit is imported from but wherever it is, they know what’s up. I think this breakfast scramble could be my new go-to breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. 

I had an easy 3 miles on the training schedule today. By the time I got warmed up on the treadmill, the run was over. I wanted to do more but I know I have my first long run tomorrow and NOT injuring myself is my first goal in training 🙂 After the run I did 40 minutes of strength training – triceps, chest, and shoulders, then 20 minutes of rowing. Note: I learned today that bringing a friend to the rower will make the time go by faster! 

Anything awesome YOU have eaten for breakfast lately?


  1. I am stuck (in a good way!) on my bran flakes with fresh berries and a side of egg whites. Filling, and a great contribution to my protein and fiber intakes for the day!

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