Two miles was all I needed.

I hit up the gym after classes today for an easy run and a few minutes of abs. You guys gave me tons of FABULOUS ab workout ideas yesterday so I tried some of them out today and they ROCKED! V-sits, russian twists, and the variations of planks were killer! I’ll have that six-pack in no time 😉

Don’t worry… when I have done your ab workouts for a while, that picture will be of my wicked six-pack and not my face. 

I jumped on the treadmill for an easy five miles (8:20 min/mile) that didn’t feel so easy. It may have been because apparently it is really uncomfortable to run with a full bladder, but whatever it was I felt like I was running super slow. I didn’t get off the treadmill to pee because the gym was super busy and I didn’t want to lose my treadmill. It made sense at the time, ok?

I left the treadmill feeling so-so about my run. It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t slow, but I wasn’t on a runner’s high… strange. I did 20 minutes of abs and then decided I would jump back on the now-more-vacated treadmills for another quick mile… which turned into two. 

I ran another 2.0 miles for a total of 7, with those last two being at a 7:35 min/mile pace. It turns out my five miles previous was just a warm-up 😉 It’s amazing what an empty bladder will do to your run. After my speedy miles I was definitely on a runner’s high and almost literally skipped out of the gym. It’s amazing how good a couple fast miles can feel compared to a greater quantity of slow(er) miles. I am going to try and remember this when I start marathon training (NEXT WEEK!!) and the schedule calls for less mileage than I am running now – quality versus quantity. I need to make those miles count. 

As I was skipping out of the gym I noticed that it wasn’t quite pitch-black out yet… HALLELUJAH. It looks like the days are actually getting longer. 6:19 pm and the sun hadn’t completely disappeared. Now if only it would warm up a few (or 30) degrees and I would be able to run outside after class!

It turns out two miles was all I needed today. I just cranked the Macklemore on my iPod and let my legs go. It turns out they wanted faster than 8:20 min/mile… fine by me 😉 I think I will try a few more of the ab workouts you all suggested while I watch Big Bang Theory do homework tonight! 

Runners… do you aim for “quality” miles or “quantity” miles? Both? I think I strive for both but sometimes forget that it’s not the number of miles that you run, it’s HOW you run them!

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  1. Quality of miles, for sure. It wasn’t until I stopped over training that I really started to see improvements in my running. Lots of PRs. No junk miles for me anymore- each mile has to be for a PURPOSE.

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