Week 1 Training Recap.

One week of training is complete – only 15 weeks to go until the marathon! I had full intentions to run outside today… but the treadmill called my name. It was dark when I got up to run so instead of waiting for the sun to rise and warm the place up a little, I hit up the gym to get some miles in indoors. I did my first long run of the training plan on the treadmill and it was great! 

My “first” scheduled long run was 10.0 miles. I say “first” because for the past couple months I have tried to do a fairly long run every week just to maintain some distance running base, so this wasn’t an extravagant amount of miles, just the first time I had a specific date and specific number of miles to run for my weekly long run! 

I watched the Olympics the entire time I was running, but listened to my iPod for the last two miles to help pick it up at the end. I started running at an 8:43 min/mile pace to warm-up, and increased until I was running at about an 8:20 min/mile pace for the last half of the run. My final mile was 8:00. I did the first half of the run in 43:45 and the second half in 42:01, hurray for negative splits!

I like that I can wear shorts when I run on the treadmill, whereas if I were running outside I would be wearing 7 layers of clothing. I tried out my compression socks today and wore them for my run. I didn’t notice a huge difference but every run is so different that it is hard to tell what my legs would have felt like without them. They made me look hardcore though, which makes them worth it.

I made sure to apply some Glide anti-chafe gel to my legs before my run and it worked like a charm. No chaffing! I walked for 5 minutes and cycled for 5 minutes after the run as a cool down. I did 5 minutes of abs after as well, but mostly just because I wanted to lie my extremely salty body on the ground. 

I added a Nuun electrolyte tablet to my water when I got home to replenish both my fluids and my electrolytes. I pulled an ice-pack (or two) out of the freezer and iced my legs a little bit as well. I am slowly learning the importance of post-run recovery… ice is one thing that seems to work magic on my legs after a long or hard run.

I made another egg white scramble for breakfast after my run and it was every bit just as good as the one I made yesterday. This time I added onion, red pepper, zucchini, and mushrooms. I couldn’t remember what I had put in it yesterday and knew I was forgetting something critical… turkey! I could have taken two seconds and looked at the post I wrote yesterday about my breakfast but I didn’t. Next time. It was just as amazing without meat so it can totally be an awesome vegetarian breakfast! Today’s fruit selection was pear, strawberries, and orange. I think I do most of my fluid rehydrating through fruit! 

I am not too concerned about getting any training runs done outside until March hits. I have told myself that in a couple weeks I will actually try and make an effort to at least do my long runs outside. My thought process goes a little like this: Cold = ice = falling = injuries = treadmill please. I have a half marathon next weekend which will force me to run outside no matter what, which kind of terrifies me, but is probably a good thing! 

The first week of training went really well. I ran a total of 30 miles, which is less than I have been running, but I have added intensity in the form of one interval run and one tempo run. When intensity goes up, mileage comes down. I actually took a rest day on Monday, which was not easy, but I know that resting my legs will ultimately help me become a stronger runner. I also did a bit of strength training this week which is never actually on my running schedule but I think it is integral to training. 

I am more than ready to dive into week two of training! As per usual now, you can find my training plan and all of my training recaps in the tab at the top called “Training“… just to point out the obvious 😉 I don’t have school this week due to reading break so I have a bit more time to choose when and where I run/workout! 

How were YOUR workouts this week?


  1. I am with you on the early morning treadmill runs… Why go outside in the dark and risk slipping when you can run in the comfort of your home!? Fun post to read!

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