Why I am dancing on the treadmill.

In making my latest spin playlists, I have found some awesome music that makes me work hard (and dance hard) at the gym. Music totally makes my workout, and I shared a few songs in this post, but obviously have so many more great songs that I love to work out to. 

Hedley. CANADIAN! Anything.

Robin Thicke. Blurred Lines (Will Sparks Remix).

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton. Can’t Hold Us. 

Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera. Feel This Moment.

David Guetta. Play Hard.

And finally… the song that I have had on repeat for the past few weeks when I work out… Pitbull ft. Ke$ha. Timber. 

If you catch me dancing on the treadmill, now you will know why. When I did a few of my interval runs I would put my headphones in the TV for my recovery minutes and then blast my music for the actual intervals so that I would work extra hard… it worked! 

I spent 40 minutes on the stair climber today. It was going to be 30 but the Montreal Canadiens game was on and it went into overtime… so… ya. Canadian girl problems. I hit the Jacobs ladder for 10 minutes and then did 20 minutes of core. I am attempting to add planks to my routine this month. My mom can plank for about 83 minutes (or so it seems) without even shaking… I could barely hold it for 45 seconds today. Yikes!

What songs are YOU dancing to when you workout?


  1. I actually seldom run with any music, but when I do, our playlists are VERY different. lol
    For my run today I had a good mix of Alexisonfire, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Dead Weather.
    – Shawn

  2. Love the tunes! I often find myself singing on the run when listening to a great song on the iPod…lol. I have a section on my blog called “Tunes I dig,” that I keep updating. Feel free to check it out 🙂

  3. My workout songs are always Spice Girls, Beyonce, first and second album Britney, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Shakira. I always pray nobody in my gym can tell I’m mouthing the words to Wannabe hahaha.

    BTW last summer I was hanging out with Jackson and George and Bye Bye Bye came on the radio and they had NO IDEA who Nsync was! They did not believe me that Justin Timberlake used to be in a boy band. Kids these days…

    1. WHAT?! Children are so deprived now of good music 🙂

      We played the Nsync Christmas CD throughout the entire Christmas season this year haha!

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