21 Miles on my 21st Birthday: Week 7 Training Recap.

I did it. 21 miles on my 21st birthday. It was a long and sometimes hard run but I had three great people running with me and despite the cold and wind, it was a sunny and awesome 21 miles! I have been obsessively watching the weather forecast for today for the past 2 weeks, ever since March 30 popped onto the 14-day trend forecast. It changed about 28194 times and it made me really nervous. I am not a huge fan of running in the cold and I like running in the wind even less. Thanks mother nature for the awesome gift of both cold and wind today for my run. Oh well, at least there was sun towards the end!

As I mentioned, I had the uber fancy breakfast of cinnamon raisin toast with almond butter and banana for my first birthday meal. I have found this to be the best pre-long-run food for me both stomach-wise and delicious-wise. It keeps me full and doesn’t give me any issues. Score. 

We set out for our 21 miles and ran pretty much all around the city, weaving in and out of the neighbourhoods and getting a tour of the city. A little bit of (windy) country roads and some trails, and some city streets. I only carried energy chews with me and didn’t bring water. My parents dropped off a water bottle at Mile 14 (conveniently Running Room) so that I had some non-frozen water to hydrate me a little bit during the run. I honestly don’t get thirsty during the cold runs and that is terrible because I have to force myself to drink water. 

I tried the “Pink Lemonade” Honey Stingers this time and they were good but a lot sweeter than the Pomegranate that I had last time. I would probably not buy this flavour again, delicious but too sweet for me! However; I am still a Honey-Stinger-lover for running fuel. 

My friend mapped the perfect route for 21 miles so almost EXACTLY at the location we started, my Garmin beeped to signal 21 miles. It was perfect. Despite some deadly hills (to this prairie girl, so they were probably not actually that big) the route was awesome and we didn’t ever have to go over the same road twice which is a huge positive in my books. 

The guys I ran with normally run a lot faster than I do (read; they are training for super speedy BQ races in May) and I am so thankful and grateful that they went my pace and slowed it down for me. Basically, I ran my run, and they mirrored my pace and entertained me the whole way… I couldn’t have done it (or wouldn’t have enjoyed three hours of running as much) if it hadn’t been for them. It took us 2:57:24 to run 21.01 miles, which is an 8:27 min/mile pace. I am really happy with that because that is the farthest I have ever run in my life!

I experienced a bit of random foot pain in my right foot for the last ~ third of the run. I think I may have landed on it wrong going down a hill. It is along the outside of my foot and hasn’t disappeared yet, so I am hoping a night of rest and icing will do the trick… cross your fingers. A muscle will get better, a bone will not (as easily). My foot pain baffled me – I have never had that before! Strange. Oh well, overall it was a great run and I am so proud to have done 21 miles on my 21st. 

I drank lots of water (with gross coloured electrolytes) after my run. I couldn’t decide what to eat when I got home because my stomach is not quite ready for certain foods after a long run. A protein pancake with CHOCOLATE CHIPS and PEANUT BUTTER did the trick. Those capital letters are to tell you that I may or may not be putting chocolate chips and peanut butter in/on each and every protein pancake after today because it was amazing. 

A shower never feels as good as it does after you have been out in the cold (there was a -20 degree Celsius windchill so for once I am not completely exaggerating about how frigid it was). I put on the comfiest clothes I could find after my shower. 

A decent training week this week that was topped off with TWENTY ONE miles today. I felt great this week (besides the foot pain today) and accomplished some hard runs. I ran a total of 50.01 (does this mean I can say I ran “over 50 miles” this week? 😉 miles this week… holy!

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How was YOUR week? Any other March birthdays out there?!


  1. Absolutely amazing run today Kris, you certainly made it look easy. Great work.
    Happy birthday!
    – Shawn

  2. Happy Birthday! Wow, great job on the run. I am new to following you and love your enthusiasm. Seriously loving your blog, I am a walker not a runner and I am not consistent at all but following you is giving me inspiration to get steady.

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