“Accidents” Happen.

It is amazing how I can run the same distance two Sundays in a row and feel completely different the day following each run. Last week, after the Hypothermic Half, I basically had to roll off of my bed and could only manage a little walk as my exercise for the day. Today, I woke up feeling like I could run another half marathon! It may or may not have been the fact that I didn’t have to set my alarm again this morning and got another NINE hours of sleep. There was a rest day on my schedule today… or as I like to call Mondays, “active recovery days.” 

Well, I felt so good and ready to run again, that I “accidentally” ran 3.0 miles on my rest day today. I took them really easy and didn’t push my pace at all. It actually felt really good to run a little bit after my long run yesterday and it gave my legs the chance to loosen up and stretch out.  

After my run I did 15 minutes on the stair master and 45 minutes of arm and ab strength training. When I first started doing weights I really didn’t know how much to lift. I felt silly grabbing the super light ones, but also didn’t want to grab heavy ones and then not be able to do more than two reps with them… or drop them on my foot or something. There is a decent article by Women’s Health that discusses how to find the right weight to lift with.

It definitely is a lot of trial and error in finding how much weight to use for each exercise. It is also something that isn’t set in stone and should be adjusted as you get stronger, increasing as you can lift more, and even decreasing if you have some sore muscles. For me, decreasing weight for an exercise felt like huge step backwards but if it meant I would be able to maintain form with lower weight, instead of compromising form just to pick up the weight I normally use, it is worth it. For starters, Women’s Health suggests using 60-70% of your max weight (one rep) for each exercise. 

After my “accidental” run and some great strength training, I headed home for a wonderful breakfast scramble. I added olives this time, in addition to onions, red peppers, and mushrooms, because olives are THE BEST. How have I forgotten about them for so long? 

I didn’t plan on running today, but hey, accidents happen 😉 I definitely would not have run if my legs were super sore from the 13.1 miles yesterday (that was suppose to be 11), but I felt good when I woke up and just went for it. I think I need to increase my weight for some exercises but I get really comfortable with a certain weight and set of reps and just do the same thing every time… next time I will change that! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!


  1. Haha, accidentally ran… I think lacing up the running shoes is considered premeditation! I agree, if your legs feel good and you want to run, then run. Your breakfast scramble looks yummy!

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