Another new interval distance.

To be honest, I have pretty much only ever done 800 m repeats before beginning this marathon training plan. They are simple, they are “easy” in terms of their structure, and they give me a great workout. I am discovering the advantages and benefits of doing other distance intervals as well. I did my first ever mile repeats a couple of weeks ago and today I did 400 m repeats for the first time… and I think I actually kind of liked them.

I think 400 m repeats are unique in that you can go from “YA, I CAN DO THIS!” to “OH MY, I AM GOING TO DIE” in about a minute. I warmed up with 4 miles on the treadmill then hit the indoor track for my 6 X 400 m repeat workout. I did a 400 m interval and then walked a lap (about 250 m) before doing the next interval. There is a kind-of interesting article if you are a running nerd like me, about when to run, jog, or walk between your intervals and how to recover here

Ugh #4 and #5 messed that whole negative split thing up for me 😉 I gave it my all in that last one just to make sure it was faster than all of the other ones I had done. I am always hoping that each will be faster than the last, which is obviously super hard when running consecutive intervals, but I am super happy that I managed to cut off almost 5 seconds from my first interval to my last. 

I only had 6 intervals on my schedule so that is what I did. It was probably best for my first time doing them but I read about people doing so many of these (aka. 16?!) 400 m sprints and I don’t know how they do so many! After running I joined my mom on the mats and did some glute bridges, wall sits, and ab work. I always thought glute bridges were easy until I did 3 X 2 minute bridges today. Ouch. 

In between the glute bridges I did 2 X 2 minute wall sits. I miss doing wall sits all the time. I did a few side crunches, bicycle crunches, dead bugs, leg scissors, and reverse crunches. Pretty much anything to make my abs burn like crazy. Once I had sufficiently made my abs super sore, I headed home for a delicious protein pancake with peanut butter. I think I missed the whole “World-wide Pancake Day” yesterday… oh well.

I may have had an extra pep in my step this morning during my run because I found out that in addition to Dean Karnazes being at the 2014 Calgary marathon, BART YASSO is also going to be there as a speaker. Twitter confirmed. It’s legit. I can’t wait so see these crazy amazing runners!

Oh, and Bart Yasso is following me on Twitter now… so that’s kind of AWESOME 🙂 

Is Bart Yasso following YOU?! Just kidding… don’t answer that… it won’t make me feel special anymore. 

Thoughts on 400 m repeats?


  1. Great job on the intervals! My track team usually does 12 x 400. I’m not saying this to brag – just to tell you that every time I see 12 I think ‘how is that possible’?? And then they just go by. And at the end you think ‘wow, that was a lot’. Ha. I break them up into 3 sets and I also go into the workout thinking ‘okay, if I do 6 of them, that is a pretty good workout. i’ll reassess after 6.’ and then I usually do all of them 🙂

    your pancake looks yummy!

  2. Shawn, we didn’t miss pancake day – we had blueberry and plain with blueberry/strawberry sauce and some turkey bacon. Kris missed it as she was too busy at the gym.. Thanks again for dinner!

  3. Nice job on the 400s! That reminds me that I haven’t done those in awhile, I need to hop on them again 🙂 Also, that’s crazy cool that Bart Yasso follows you!

  4. How did you miss Pancake Day?! I was all over that one.

    Great job on the 400m splits – especially that last one!
    I really like the 400s, and, I honestly laughed out loud at your (aka 16?!) comment today – that’s almost exactly what my track session was this morning. 15x 400m repeats with 200m recovery jogs in between each. The 400s were grouped into sets of 5 for pace…so the first 5 at one pace, the second 5 were 3-4 seconds faster, and the last 5 again 3-4 seconds faster. Like you’ve said, the negative splits always feel good.
    – Shawn

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