Celebrating a VERY important holiday.

As I am sure you are aware, today is an EXTREMELY important holiday. It is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. You probably think I invented this holiday just for another excuse to eat enormous amounts of peanut butter but apparently there are other like-minded people who think that not only do we need National Peanut Butter Day (on January 24), we also need National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. This could just be my favourite holiday of the year. 

I won’t tell you about all of the great nutritional benefits of peanut butter and how wonderful it is because you know that. If not… we can’t be friends 😉 I don’t eat peanut butter EVERY day and usually start my day with lots of protein in the form of grilled turkey and egg whites but there is nothing better than a giant bowl of oatmeal with banana slices and peanut butter. You better bet that is how I celebrated this amazing holiday this morning. Starting off the month right (side note; how is it MARCH already?).

My mom told me that she couldn’t stop eating peanut butter today and she didn’t even KNOW it was NPBL Day. I think her subconscious knew what was up. 

Yesterday my dad and I drove down to Calgary for the night so I could attend a meeting at the U of C this morning. We stopped to get mandatory road trip coffee obviously. I STILL haven’t learned that getting a venti (20 oz) size when there are hardly any bathroom stops on the three-hour drive is NOT a good idea. 

Though it was incredibly cold out, the sun was shining and the blue sky made for a gorgeous drive. I don’t know how the time passes so quickly when driving through flat prairie land but it does and it is beautiful. It was a little windy so there was snow blowing across the highway. I told my dad it looked like it was dancing across the highway and that it kind of put you in a trance when you watched it… he told me it was a good thing I wasn’t driving.

It is a good thing my Aunt has a treadmill so I could get my scheduled three mile easy run in bright and early this morning before my school obligations. They were nice and slow… by the time I warmed up, the run was over! I want a treadmill (<– Now that my birthday month has begun, you can expect plenty of not so subtle hints for birthday gifts for me ;).

I tried to look professional this morning. I also tried to photo-document looking professional. Tried is the key word here. Fake it ’til you make it, right?

I hope everyone celebrated National Peanut Butter Lover’s day today. If not, there is still time. GO. RIGHT NOW. Best eaten when standing at the fridge with your finger in the jar. Happy National Peanut Butter Lover’s day everyone 🙂

Did YOU celebrate this wonderful holiday?


  1. And I missed it! How could that be??? Next time you’re in Calgary, find a Co-op, and check out their own brand organic chunky peanut butter. It is awesome.

  2. Happy NPBL Day to you too! I made some 3 Ingredient PB cookies today in honour of this great holiday lol Recipe’s on my blog! 😀
    Also, love you professional look 🙂

  3. Just a spoon, a finger, some double dipping…. YUM… and I really didn’t even know what day it was!?

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