Guess who got a new job.

Remember when I quit my job three weeks ago? It turns out I am not very good at “relaxing and focusing on school.” I had a job interview two days into unemployment and was hired the next day. Yesterday was my first day on the job and you will never guess where I work now… actually I think you may have guessed it already 😉

I got a job at the Running Room! It is fewer hours than I was working at Starbucks so I am still able to focus on school, a bit less stressful (because making coffee is stressful you know ;), and I get to learn about and talk about running all day – win, win, win.

My mom is pretty sure that I won’t actually make any money working at the Running Room – I will spend more than I make resulting in negative pay cheques. I told her that employee discount is a wonderful thing and I plan on trying many different running shoes and running clothes… I mean, I have to be knowledgable about the products I am selling, right?

On my first shift yesterday I sold a pair of running shoes to a hot fireman. At that point I knew that this job was meant for me. 

It looks like this will be my new hangout. I get to wear running clothes to work now too so I guess I will never actually be putting “real” pants on ever again. Spandex for life. 

I am really excited to interact with fellow runners and learn about all of the awesome running products that Running Room sells. It is obviously not as busy as Starbucks so that will be weird but I think I’ll survive without the crazy “no-foam-extra-hot-half-sweet-sugar-free-one-percent-milk-not-two-percent-did-I-mention-no-foam-latte” customers. If you are in the St. Albert, AB area, drop by and see me working at the Running Room. I don’t know if you can call talking about running shoes and gels and foam rollers “work” though!


  1. Congrats. I am really curious as to what kind of training that RR offers its employees in terms of shoes, pronation, minimalism, and all that good stuff. Not sure if you are allowed to share (here’s hoping).

  2. Fun! I’d work for spandex too. LOL I seems like I’ve spent my whole life wearing spandex… from gymnastics to running. It’s nice to have a job you KNOW you will enjoy!

  3. That’s great! Congrats. I had a half day off of work yesterday and went to a running store and thought “I’d like to work here”. Too funny. Enjoy it!

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