How cool is the Hydro Track?

I wasn’t lying when I said I was worried about negative paycheques when I started my job at the Running Room. I get to unpack a bazillion boxes of product every day and it is painful to put it on the shelves without buying it or even trying it on. All of the spring and summer running gear is arriving at our store and it makes me so excited that in the (hopefully) near future I will be running outside in shorts and not in 7 layers of clothing. I tried on some “sale-rack” shorts after my shift and ended buying every single pair I tried on. I literally spent more than I made yesterday. One can never have too many pairs of running shorts, right?

The first pair are some loose (as in not spandex and fitted) running shorts that have a red strip on the side. By “split shorts” it means I will be able to do negative split runs all the time when wearing these shorts. 

This second pair is pretty much the same as the first in fit. My boss told me that the teal/green stripe on the side matched perfectly to the colour of the new spring running tops we just got in. I agreed with her completely… they are meant to be together so it’s possible on my next shift I will be writing another post about a new running shirt I bought. 

The third and final pair I bought are tight fitting (as in not loose and flowy like the two pairs above) and are called “speed run” so I will be uber speedy in these bad boys. I really can’t wait to try out these pairs of shorts and test their chafe-ability – I am always searching for shorts that will never ever chafe me!

After months of waiting, my spin instructor certification finally arrived in the mail. I am legit now. I just need a job. As much as I love making playlists for myself and teaching my parents spin classes, it doesn’t pay very well 😉 And my current students always complain about my pop music and my cycle-dancing (ahem, mom and dad). 

I have heard about pool running before, heck I even tried it, but I have never heard of underwater treadmills before. Maybe I am really out of the running-loop on these crazy machines but I thought these were SO COOL. Recently, Runners World coach Budd Coates tried out the Hydro Track, an underwater treadmill. 

How ridiculous is that. My parents have been probing for birthday ideas for me (because Sunday is fast approaching 😉 and apparently “underwater treadmill” is not an acceptable answer. This article is tagged “injury prevention” because underwater running is a great way to increase running fitness and decrease risk of injury. If half of your body in underwater while running, 50% of your body weight impact while running is reduced. That’s a whole lot less stress on your joints, bones, and muscles. 

I think it would be crazy cool to try an underwater treadmill… it would also be cool to try an aqua spin class. Yep, it’s a thing. A spin class underwater. I would LOVE to try this. Hydrospinning, as it is called, is becoming popular in the US, but I haven’t heard of any classes in Canada?

Well if those aren’t fun and extremely practical birthday gift ideas, I don’t know what are.

Have you heard of hydrospin or the Hydro Track before? Has anyone tried it?!

What is the most radical exercise class you have attended? I think the strangest for me was a “hula-hooping class.” It was fun and requires a surprising amount of coordination!


  1. Congrats on spin certification. Yay on cycle-dancing. I loved watching my coach dance on her bike to dacav5 tetris. The problem with having lots of music in the background is that I can’t hear what the instructor is saying. Which is a drag. I’ve heard of the water treadmill. If you google my blog buddy SUAR (Shut up and run, she did some stuff with one of them when she was recovering from a hip injury.

  2. Yay for Spin Certification!!!

    I saw the Hydrotrack online and thought it’d be great for runners with/near injury!

    I would never be able to work at the Running Room….although I’d love to. My money would completely disappear in front of my eyes…lol.

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